Have a bunch of black bamboo, how to propogate?

kevingalaxyJune 13, 2011

hey all. i have a bunch of black bamboo growing all over the front and back of my yards. I was thinking of cutting some and selling them on ebay as i understand they are quiet expensive. Times are hard!! Ca someone tell me the right way on how to cut them and post them? im clueless.


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If you have plants that are small enough you can just dig them and pot them in nursery pots by just using a shovel to go around the bamboo and sever the rhizomes. Try to get as large a rootball as will fit comfortably in your pot because if you take off too much of the rhizomes the plant will die. If you want to take the slower route you can dig sections of the long running roots (rhizomes) and cut them into 8-10# pieces and plant each one in a nursery pot. Keep the pot watered but not saturated and in a couple weeks you might get some small plants. This method often yields 1 or 2 small shoots (probably wont grow over 10 inches tall the first year. Once you start digging into the grove and disrupting the root system next spring you will get lots of small shoots coming up around where you dug plants the previous year. These sizes will be perfect for digging and potting.

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Thanks. Yes unfortunately i dont have any small plants, they grow so quickly in a few days the new shoots that pop up are a foot or more.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Another method of propagation is by training rhizome shoots up into a container.
Often, Black Bamboo sends out horizontal, floppy rhizome shoots that aren't proper culms.
While these shoots are emerging, direct them into the drain-hole of a nursery container,
fill with soil, and wait for the shoot to grow up through the pot. The key is that you don't sever
the rhizome until you have top-growth from the container the following year. I've heard that
this method is very effective and the least invasive, although I haven't tried it myself.


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I've done the training rhizome into container method, and it has worked every time for me. You get stronger divisions than digging up rhizomes and cutting them up, and when you sever the connection, it doesn't shock the division since it should be well rooted by the time it leafs out.

Here's a picture of how it looks. The shoot sheaths can be removed to reduce the height of the division to make it a shippable size, and I've never had a failed division with this method.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'm interested in buying some of your black bamboo. Where are you? And, I'm on a tight budget so I'm wondering if you have a price in mind or if I could trade for something else.

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