Moon Valley Nursery...a good warranty

Frodo_ron(z13 az)June 12, 2005

I know a lots been said about Moon Valley Nursery in this forum, but I have to report that I got 2 Ash trees from them in Sept 03. One did great and the other struggled. They gave me advice a few times and the tree had it's ups and downs. @3 wks ago, I called them and they sent their arborist out to inspect. He said it's still technically alive, but would like to replace with a better tree. Last week, my new tree was planted and is doing well. I still shop most of the nurseries in town (hd's too), but I did find the service at MV better than expected. Jim, the arborist said his services are free to all MV customers past and present by calling any nursery location or him directly at 602-526-1236.

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

Maybe they are learning from experience? Happy customers mean return business.


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winter_plumage_AZ(Sonoran Desert)

Ok... I put this to the test. Just called Jim, the 'arborist', who seemed reluctant at first but told me that he'd come by for a "courtesy inspection" *if* MV writes up an order. (He added that he's a "few weeks out"... which is not a problem for me.)

I then called MV and the guy said, "These trees have been in the ground for three years?!!" I said, "Since 11-27-02... yep. And I begged you people to come take a look within 6 months of planting and you declined. I pleaded with you again before a year had passed--and emphasized that I live a mere 5 blocks from you--and you still wouldn't do it."

I further told the guy at MV that at that time, I knew nothing about where [the almost $900 package "deal" of trees & plants] would fare the best... and one would think that a nursery wouldn't plant them in locations where they wouldn't do well. (There oughta be at least one person in the planting crew who actually knows something about gardening!) Also mentioned the two dead ocotillos that I've gotten from them.

Forgot to mention how they didn't take up the plastic around what they planted--something that I didn't discover until much, much later. Also forgot to mention all the conflicting advice they've given me. Did mention that I've hated them for a long time... lol

He wrote up an order :) I'll update after the arborist's visit.

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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

My limited experience with MV is that most of the sales people don't have a clue, except the location of the plant on their lot.

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kazooie(kapiti coast, NZ)

plumage, i am anxiously waiting for your update. =)

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

Ron, I'm glad it worked for you. I'm afraid that it's a "one good apple don't make the whole barrel fine" in my opinion, but hopefully they've gotten the message. I doubt it - they make a ton of money *not* honoring warranties, but, hey - it could happen!

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Easygoing(Sunset zone 13)

Yes WP, please keep us updated on what happens.


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winter_plumage_AZ(Sonoran Desert)

Jim, the arborist, called Wed & Thurs (left messages both times); said he'd be coming by this morning (Friday). He was reliable and prompt! Was here for at least an hour(?), gave info & advice regarding many of my trees--including those not planted by MVN. He works for MV full-time and visits customers from Queen Creek to Surprise (and beyond) in AZ. (Btw, he's gotten crank calls due to his number being posted in this forum. Obviously, MVN customers looking for his assistance should contact MV directly to request it.)

He seemed to know his stuff and was a very cordial fellow. He said that although my lysiloma is alive, it should have grown more than it has in its 2.5 years in the ground. Much to my surprise, he granted me a *free* 15-gal tree of my choice and another bareroot ocotillo as well as giving me a bag of Moon Dust fertilizer :) It's my responsibility to transport & plant but I'm just thrilled to have the chance.

He said that MV has been a small nursery, is "growing up" and is trying to improve customer relations. I told him that he may single-handedly save/change MV's reputation ;) Jim's an asset to MV. However, in my *humble* opinion, if MVN isn't going to employ knowledgeable on-site staff (I suspect that low wages dictate such) or offer a terrific selection of plants, they've gotta develop a user-friendly return/replacement policy--and *not* just for what they plant.

Lookin' forward to picking out a new tree and posting about the final chapter!

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roo2000(AZ 13 PhxMetro)

Yes, a good rule to live by: don't post personal phone numbers on the forums. The forums are accessible to anyone who has access to a computer and an internet connection.

Glad to hear that MV has been working to mend it's ways. Moon dust fertilizer, though? Hmmmmm...

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kazooie(kapiti coast, NZ)

wow plumage, that is good news! glad to hear his visit went well for you. i might have to give him a call. wish they would have had his services when my queen palms were getting sickly and dying (lost 2 queens they planted and one pygmy- but they replaced the pygmy). one palm still doesn't quite look healthy, but is better then it was.

i agree with what you are saying about their staff. they need to get some people in there who can answer specific questions and be knowledgeable about the product they sell.

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winter_plumage_AZ(Sonoran Desert)

The arborist said that he's been w/MV for 7 (?) years, so I don't understand why the nursery didn't offer his services previously. I'm thankful for frodo ron's post.

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Just an FYI for anyone dealing with arborists. You can verify that tree care personnel who claim to be arborists legitimately hold that title by checking on-line with the International Society of Arboriculture. They maintain a database that is searchable by last name or zip code. For instance, Moon Valley's Jim should be in this database if he is a Certified Arborist.

Certified Arborists must have knowledge have a minimum of three years experience in some aspect of tree care and have passed an exam developed by an international panel of experts. The 200 question exam extensively covers every aspect of tree care from planting, pruning, tree biology, diagnosis and treatment, nutrition and fertilization, to cabling and bracing. Every three years an arborist must earn 30 continuing education units to remain certified.

A Certified Arborist will carry an identification card with the expiration date of his/her certification. Don't hesitate to ask for this card if you are paying for an arborist's services.

Here is a link that might be useful: Find a Certified Arborist

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winter_plumage_AZ(Sonoran Desert)

Just to update...

Finally went to MV on Saturday. It had been suggested to me that I ask for one of two staff persons; I did. The young man was extremely helpful, drove me around on the cart :) and assisted in picking out a nice huge 15 gal velvet mesquite and a bareroot ocotillo.

I feel that [they] did what they could do to atone for their sins...LOL Albeit a few years overdue, I appreciate it! My advice for anyone dealing with MV is to not expect them to be more than what they are: a place to buy plants/trees... and not a place for expert advice concerning same.

Btw... Jim, the aforementioned *tree inspector*, is related to the owner of MV--which obviously gives him authority :o

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All of you people who sit here and bash this company are idiots. You say you tried to contact them and they never do anything, then you people must be the rudest people on the face of this earth and expect a company to lose money to make you happy. See there are things called terms and conditions of a warranty and moon valley nursery has always had them on the back of the paper invoice they had you at the completion of every sale. I have been a MVN customer for over 10 years and have had 9 houses landscaped by them. I had plants that ended up dying some right away and others 1 year later. Of course I read the warranty and understood that it is a 90 day warranty. I agreed to those terms of the sale. Unlike you people when I had a problem I either went to my sales person or to the manager. If youÂre nice to people you will get allot more done then if you go in there demanding something. Just recently MVN started to offer a 1 year limited warranty, this is of course if you call them every 90days to update them on how your trees are looking. MVN has been voted the #1 Nursery in this state for over 7years. You people should really try and learn what you are talking about before you go and bad mouth on of the most reputable contracting companies in the valley! As for the last person that posted, you said they made up for there SINS, give me a break, they didnÂt owe you anything and your lucky they gave you something just to shut you up.

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Hello. Just two cents here. I was at MV on Tatum, south of the 101.

I was ignored by everyone but those I saw working out in the field, that I either waved to or said, "Hi!" or nodded to. The office was more like, "What do you want?" I was unprepared for that.

I went on a weekday. A "girl" (a woman but... kinda taken aback) who had both purchasing power and "command" yard planting. Even if I just wanted one tree ... I might have bought several, if someone had talked to me instead of "What do you want?" I mean, I had questions that if answered might or would have led to purchase.

I did like the guys (manual laborers) out in the field. They were nice and we shared being out in the hot sun and sweating with a smile, nod or greeting; Not a big deal especially when I was the first to say hello and was the least likely too given the isolation, or potential for being an uppity customer.

The office lost the sale. I felt like I wasn't part of the "job at hand." Except for the laborers who smiled once they saw I would or might smile ... things were cool...

I iterate; I had the purchase power and carte blanche to make a decision. Was it because I didn't look like I wanted 300 trees? Was it because I was female? I don't dress for show so maybe I looked kind of average? Whatever it was; distaste for MV on Tatum Road south of the 101. I haven't even gone into another MV. I felt they "didn't want my business."

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I don't think that most people have a problem with the "terms and conditions"; rather they would just like to have someone that would be responsive to their problems and concerns and knowledgeable about the products and services which are offered. I agree that it is always best to approach people with respect and that it's probably not best thing to call them "idiots", something I'm sure no one on this forum would do.

I have given up on places like Moon Valley Nursery, Home Depot, and Lowes etc. for any major purchases. It simply isn't worth the hassle of dealing with folks (most but not all) who don't seem know what they're doing nor in too many cases seem care. I just purchase 800 sq ft of flooring from an independent family owned flooring store and it was wonderful. And when all was said and done it was no more expensive that the big box stores. So crybaby, if you think that MV is a wonderful place to do business by all means have at it, but I wouldn't be so quick to criticize other people who have had different experiences. Perhaps it all has to do with expectations. Take care, Bill.

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azreno(z9 AZ)

Crybabys, I have to say, nothing I LOVE more than someone who has the guts to sign on under an anonymous memeber name that they created soley for the purpose (and on the VERY day!) of spewing out a bunch of crap, then running and hiding under the covers so no one knows who they are.

I have not had this experience with MV, however I had a very expensive tree pruchased from another nursery that was having a very hard time (the tree not the nursery), should have been growing and wasn't. I called well within the warranty period and was told the tree was fine, it would be fine, the tree was not planted too deep, yadayadayada- I was given the runaround! Let me tell you, they make you feel like you're a worry wort and the tree will be fine! They don't give you the option of someone coming out to look at it, period!

Sometime later I decided to dig the dirt off the root ball after the tree was still not improving and I found 3" of clay they dug from the hole on top of the root ball! 3"!! This is an ash tree you should know and that spells death for an ash tree, maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but it would struggle until finally dying from the stress of it. When it was planted I asked the guy about how much dirt he was adding over the root ball, he said it was fine, that it was only about an inch.

I was past my 90 days at this point but called anyways. this was a very expensive tree and I had called before and got the run around. You may think it's my fault I got the run around but let me tell you I was nice to the guy and he was nice right back, no one was rude, he just didn't want to entertain the idea that my tree was in trouble. I got my new tree after the guy who planted it (not an arborist) came out and looked at it and determined the tree had "sunk" (fat chance! he was saving his job) and was indeed dying.

I wasn't at fault for anything here, the nursery was from day 1, they have a crew planting trees too deeply, they clearly don't know what they're doing and then they don't take a customer seriously when they call with an issue. How is that my fault anonymous bad mouther?

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After shopping around at Moon Valley, I decided to do some comparison shopping and found an alternative in the East Valley, Treeland Nurseries located at 2900 S. Country Club Dr. (same as Arizona Ave) in Mesa. They don't seem to advertise but I found a lot of landscapers in the area seemed to be shopping there. The quality of the plants were excellent and the sales people I talked with seemed expert on desert plants. I decided to buy and the planting crew did a dynamite job (spoke english), I could not be happier. If you decide to shop at Treeland, pack a lunch and enjoy it by the Koi pond, I'd rate Treeland a 5 star nursery. You get what you pay for.

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Do not walk, run as fast as you can from Moon Vally Nursery!
From my experience and in my opinion this is the worse situation I have ever had with a nursery, grower or retailer. I purchased a three tree citrus package to be planted at my home. I paid over $500.00 and when my trees arrived they were 15 gal dwarf trees. I struggled with the nursery for three years trying to get their help. They refuse to honor any warranty they say they have and after three years one of the trees I had to replace this past week. The other one is OK and the third one is in fair condition. If I have told one person I have told 100 people and I will for ever and ever. Do not walk but run as fast as you can away from this nursery. I have a quarter or an acre of flood irrigated land and I will never purchase anything from Moon Valley until they back up their word

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I suspect Crybaby works for, or maybe even owns, Moon Valley. Way too emotional.

I shope Moon Valley, and I don't have problems. I believe that you need to shop there much like you would a mail order (internet) shop. You have to know what you want, and be prepared to deal with problems on your own.

Years ago, I did have Moon Valley (Chandler) plant approximately 20 gallon and 5-gallon containers for me. You guys are going to think I am kidding here... but some of them were left in the containers. Yup, they just buried the container.

Why did I ever go back? One, I chalked that incident up to unhappy workers. Two, I have never asked them to dig a hole for me since that day. I just dug a hole for a 36" box IN AHWATUKEE (how do you spell caliche?). If they had dug it, the measurements would have been exactly 36". Heck, they might have left it in the box.

BUT... you can't beat their pricing, and their trees and plants are robust and healthy (I can't think of a single failure of a plant bought from there - so long as I planted it!).

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i have purchased the majority of my trees/shrubs in my yard from Moon Valley... really sorry to hear of people's bad experiences there, however I shopped at a few different MVs before making a choice as to which one I will work with, I found the one off of Arizona Ave/202 to be the best one to work with, they were knowledgeable, worked with me on *everything* and replaced a bunch of my stuff back when we had the big freeze in January 0f 2007. Again, I worked with my sales person, wasn't demanding, said that my yard suffered bad damage after the freeze, and they replaced a bunch of plants and trees. Having said that - I found different locations have different attitudes, some are helpful, some not - I can only hope that as time goes by they learn that customer service and word of mouth referrals are key to their business. I still shop there and have been making regular visits this spring as I'm always changing things in the backyard. I might point out that Baker Nursery on 40th st up in central phoenix is also a great place to see an older independent nursery with a ton of plants, trees, flowers etc...!!!

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I just bought my first house and just had my landscape installed by Moon Valley Nursery. I am so pleased with the help and plants I got from them my yard looks GREAT! The staff was great the plants looks awesome. I went to the one by my house off of Indian School Rd. that place is HUGE a person could get lost in there, when I am ready to add to my yard this is the place I will go.

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I have MV plant five 24inch AZ Shamel Ashes 3 weeks back - 1 is doing good, 2 are okay, 1 is borderline and one is going down. I know some of the trees may be going thru a transplant shock - and I need to be patient, hopefully I do not have to wait too long to get the help (if the trees continue to decline in health). I will wait a total of 6 weeks and then call for MV for warranty service, we will see what happens.

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Unfortunately 4 of the 5 Shamel trees are dying. I just spoke with Moon Valley and they are not going to do anything about it. Even though it is still less than 12 months, the warranty is only valid for 90 days if you do not call every 90 days and renew over the phone. What a cheater business - this process (of calling every 90 days) is only there so they can weasel out of fixing their rotting trees. Moon valley - shame on you. Home Depot will take a stick from a plant back and return the full amount within 12 months with no questions asked.

When the guys came out and installed the trees, they would make the hole barely enough for the tree root ball to fit and when I asked them to make it bigger they did not budge. I think poor drainage killed these trees....

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Even though it is still less than 12 months, the warranty is only valid for 90 days if you do not call every 90 days and renew over the phone. What?

Does it say so on any of their advertisements or in the paperwork that came with the trees? If not, file a complaint with the AZ Atty General's consumer fraud group.

Also, if it doesn't have that restriction in the warranty papers, take them to small claims court.

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mangledmind(AZ 9B)

who dug this one up? The OP is almost 5 years old to the day. Weird.

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Moon Valley is one the most deceptive business's in town, period.

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So I did some digging on this warranty. I found out from a West Valley location that the warranty is 90days as per the terms of their paperwork that they have you sign. The guy that helped me told me that if there was any problems that they would extend it as long as they needed to in order to get the tree to grow. I told him about what I read here and he said that he wuold be more then happy to help you out Ashad he said he was the GM. What store did you deal with? I eneded up buying two trees and they are going to be planted next week, I went with them because they had the best choice and most selection of ficus trees in my area. The prices were ok but I am worried about this warranty and just to be safe and cover my own but, I made him give me their corp office phone number so I could get in touch with someone if they did not follow through. Keep us updated please Ashad, as will I with my exp.

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Only buy at Moon Valley for the tree and price, not the expectation of customer service. There is a reason so many people have a negative opinion of them, it is not 1 or 2 dissatisfied customers

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phxplantaddict, what nursery in the Moon Valley chain did you have such a bad experience with? If you dont mind what was your experience?

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To be honest I really dont have the patience to get into the multiple experiences with them again, just gets me riled up. But most of my dealings have been at the 7th st store. I am a business owner and in the customer service industry so I am more aware of bad sales practices and shady customer service than most people. Its run like a used car lot. Buy because you like the tree, not because you've been told how they will stand behind it. Its not worth the aggrevation. Plenty of nurseys in town.

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I had the same question about the 90 day warranty when I purchased trees from Moon Valley. I was a bit skeptical about it and had the same thoughts about them trying to weasel their way out of a warranty. But, after I asked about it I was informed that it was the best way to keep me as someone who is self aware I have a major black thumb more attentive to my tree. Then I was told about places such as Home Depot and Lowe's who could care less about their plants. "They don't even pay for them, if they die they send them back and the outsorced grower pays Home Depot back what they were charged. Also, all plants are not grown locally so they do not know how they will survive in our conditions and have a much lower chance of survival to start." I personlly have had some issues with my Ash tree and everytime I have had an issue the store on Arizona Ave has been very kind to help me out and I have been calling in every couple of months to give the status of my tree and as soon as they see my calling record they are very helpful. So I hope everyone here hasn't lost toal faith in this company but I feel like this is a good company and maybe if you had a bad experience maybe a new location and new sales person would be refreshing change? Hope this helps....

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Do not shop at Moon Valley, they will sell you trees that either do not grow, or die. They do not honor there warranty, and they always give you a hard time when you want them to come out and look. I have two dead trees from them and one that won't grow, and they said to bad.

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

t.phillips, you would have a lot more credibility here if you hadn't just registered today and if this weren't your only post. Just like crybabys did nearly five years ago, you registered and posted your defense of Moon Valley and then just kind of went away. Crybaby was accused of posting under an anonymous name. Did he learn from that and response and post this one under t.phillips?

You be the judge.

I am Dave Freeman, I post here a lot (mostly on the Fig Forum), and I live in Lake Havasu. (Don't want to be accused of posting this anonymously).

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Just because somone registers and makes one post does not make them a fake. Maybe that person was reading through things on the web, came across this and thought they would voice their opinion? I have only post a couple of times on here, I am not a fake person, but I only come on here when I either have a question or when a topic interest me. Just some food for thought before everyone gets on the bandwagon of bashing people with an opinion, closed minds open no doors

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He is a fake and Moon Valley is known for doing that stuff.

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Phxplantaddict, I do understand the frustrations you must have with this company and please do not take this as defense of them, but what proof do you have that they are "known" for doing that stuff? It just seems that it is a really stiff acusation and something that seems mean.

Like I said about my experience I put everything together myself just to make sure something bad didnt happen with my purchase, and I guess I am fortunate because all my items that I bought from them have done very well.

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Same thing Jim Boeheim said. " What proof do you have?" Look where that got him

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I've been in the market for large varieties of trees for almost 10 years, and each and every time I shop around. To this day, I've never purchased large trees from MV.

As a matter of fact, I *always* end up at the same place: the aforementioned "Treeland Nursery" on Mesa Ave(Arizona Blvd).

I recently purchased a large Palo Brea - price-wise, MV wanted $999, and the one I got (the same size - I think 36" box) cost me $280 at Treeland.

Granted, it happened to be a 20% Off All Boxed Trees week at Treeland, but even adding the 20% back comes out to lots less than MV.

Never had a TL tree not grow up strong and healthy - this includes Shoestring Acacia, Desert Willow, & Palo Colorado - and I suspect I'll get the same results with my new Palo Brea.

Shop Treeland. You won't regret it.

I just wish I could have also managed to purchase their beautiful large Guayacan! = )

Next year!


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Hi, all,
Yeah, Moon Valley is bizarre. I just went there (Tatum/101) 2 weeks ago in search of an Ocotillo with a decent root system. As with every other time I've been to this location, NO ONE knows anything, they all sit in the front of the entrance like a bunch of used car salespeople, and now they tell me that, like used car salespeople, they get paid COMMISSION. lol

It took me THREE different people before I found one who knew what an ocotillo even was (I'm not kidding), and then when I said I wanted to check out one more place, the young man (nice enough, but knew virtually nothing about the plants, by his own admission) started making offers to me. At first, he said it would cost $70 to deliver (I live 2 miles from them). I said no. Then, he said, well, if you buy it from me today, I'll deliver it myself in my own truck. Huh????

He REALLY pushed for the sale to the point that I found it difficult to get out of the lot. Bizarre, more than usual.

I've never heard of paying nursery people commission...not a great idea, but then, they can, just like the car dealers do, hire TONS of salespeople who know nothing, and pay them straight commission. So what if they don't last? The company loses nothing...except customers. They must be playing the numbers more than ever these days.

A few years ago, a friend of mine ordered and paid upfront for some plants from them, about $700 worth of various shrubs and trees, and then, before anything was even gathered up at the nursery let alone delivered, he was told by his HOA that he couldn't plant any of them. Well, he called MV and of course thought that they could easily pop back the money he paid onto his credit card, since MV had done nothing yet. To his shock, they said NO, and that they could only give him a credit FOR 90 DAYS only. lol Ridiculous. He lost his $700.

All this being said, I think with MV, it really depends on which location you are going to. The one near me is not a great idea. If you know EXACTLY what you want, are well-versed in EVERY aspect of that plant, can haul it away yourself, then you might go for it. If you are truly shopping and need expert advice, go to a different location.

I ended up, of all places, getting the Ocotillo at Lowe's...had the nursery manager call me the moment the new, fresh ones came in, with nice root systems.

After one month, it's already leafing out!!

Buyer beware....


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nimbley(zone 9)

I see this origional post is 7 years old but it still seems to be a hot topic. My experience is the location makes all the difference. I had been to two in the north and west valley and pretty much written them off, but after I bought a home in Chandler I went to the one on Arizona and Germann and I did find one lady who was helpful. I had an infestation of grape leaf skeletonizers and she was the only one that could tell me how to rid my vines of them. I have only bought one tree from them since they don't really carry the type of trees I like but did get some great advice. For customer service I really like Summer Winds or Whitfills in Chandler. Great knowledgeable staff and selection.

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