is iy ok to transplant 35 foot bamboo into a pot?

akleJune 2, 2009

I am in Los Angeles. I know someone with 35 foot, runner bamboo on her proprty. she said i can dig it up. i want to put it in a 24"x24" pot and put it along my driveway. some questions:

will it survive?

how many shoots can fit in the container?

how often will i need to water it?


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First, you will want to dig up older culms instead of this years culms, for transplanting.

If you dig a 35 footer, I would cut it way back. You want to dig as much rhizome and roots with the culm that you can to ensure a successful transplanting.

Dig when to ground is moist and keep the rootball moist during transporting or transplanting, and water well after putting it in a pot.

If you can find several close growing culms, dig them up all together.

Never let the potted bamboo dry out, but don't drown it either.

It will probably survive, and I've had some survive that type of transplanting, but the new culms will be smaller, and you will need to re-pot the bamboo in 2 to 4 years since it will quickly become rootbound in that small of a pot.

Good Luck


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