Peach new leaf drying

padma_2009June 10, 2009


My Peach tree (36" Box) which I bought from Moon Valley Nursery a month ago and planted a week later, has started to new leaf growth. So it must be an indication that it is adapting to my yard. But the new leaves are drying in 3-4 days..:( Does anyone know what has to be done to save its new leaves. Do i need to add something to the soil?


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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Just make sure to add water to the soil on a regular basis. Water deeply, making sure you water out to the drip line and beyond.

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Don't be tempted to fertilize your tree right now. This would be like asking a marathon runner to go a few extra miles after he finished a 10k run. Your tree is using all its energy reserves to produce new roots and leaves.

As petzold said, be sure the soil volume from the 36" box is moistened on a regular basis, as well as some of the surrounding soil. The container 'soil' is really more like potting soil and can dry out quickly. I'd recommend you create a 6 inch tall berm around your tree about 2 feet away from the trunk. Use your hose to fill the basin with several inches of water and let is soak in. You may need to repeat. Then wait a day or so before you water again, allowing the soil to dry just a bit - sort of like a wrung out sponge.

Also be sure your tree wasn't planted too deeply. The zone where trunk tissue begins to turn into roots (aka crown) should remain exposed to air and not be buried too deeply. Trees and plants can suffocate if this is the case. If it is, gently remove soil in a 6 inch zone around the trunk so the root crown is covered with only about 1 inch of soil.

Good luck.

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Hi Petzold6596 & Aztreelvr,

Thank you very much for your response. So I stay away from any sort of fertilizer for my tree.

My Peach tree is planted on the same depth and width (6" more on each side) as the 36" box. It is in the same level as the ground. I put store bought tree mulch cover the ground surrounding the trunk. I have a 3 feet diameter of 6"berm around the trunk. I water it everyday. But I did not fill it with water anytime. I just watered till the water would start to stand and then I stop. That is maybe 2 gallons of water. I have just removed the mulch surrounding the trunk and cleared a 6" space around it.

My children love birds and they place some bird feed some 10 feet away from the tree. I have a farm (alfa alfa & corn) behind my backyard, so lots of birds visit the peach tree. Do u think these birds are hurting the new leaf?

My peach tree is towards the south wall and it is 5 feet away from it.


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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Oh, forgot, this will hurt but it is important for the long term health and vitality of your Peach tree: remove all fruit produced this year as they will drain energy from root development. Your first concern for any transplant is the development of a strong root system. The bird are not a problem depending on the kind they may even be helpful by removing insects from the tree.

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Because your tree's container was a 36 inch box, the soil volume is about 27 cubic feet. A gallon of water will moisten about 1 cubic foot of soil. In order to moisten the soil volume of the 36 inch box, you will need to apply at least 27 gallons of water each time you irrigate.

If you are only applying 2 gallons of water each time, this is probably why your trees leaves are shriveling. I'd recommend you let your hose trickle overnight in the basin to apply this volume. Watering at night will make sure the water in the hose isn't hot.

Good luck.

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Hi Petzold6596 & aztreelvr,

Unfortunately all the peaches were either eaten by birds or fell off when we planted it on the ground.

I have taken ur advice and started watering more and am terribly happy with the result. My peach tree leaves are now not turning dry. I has got its healthy look back. I am watering it with the drip system and have put 5 drip lines for 20 minutes every day till it regains. Then I will make it alternate days and maybe later on twice a week and so on.
Thanks a lot... :) :)

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Padma -
You are learning the Arizona watering lesson - frequent application of small amounts of water kills plants here.

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I will take it as a compliment ...:) Thank you...

I am taking some pics of my plants and will put them online. I would love to hear advice from all of you.


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