When is best time to dig/transplant boo?

mersiepoo(6)June 29, 2011

I've got some first year shoots that have leafed out pretty much, and want to transplant them to cover the view of the junkyard which is our neighbors property. When is the best time to cut it to transplant it? My boo is finally starting to take off after a few years of doing hardly anything. Should I cut the first year plants to transplant, or is it better to take an older shoot? Thanks for any help/advice! :)

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Next year in the spring would be the best time to transplant this year's growth. Forget what you know about other plants when you think about bamboo. New shoots/culms are dependent on the mother plant for a number of months. Taking a division of new bamboo growth is like snipping a baby's umbilical cord before it's at full term.

And when you talk about wanting to "cut it to transplant it," I hope you are aware that you need to dig up a large root ball along with the culm(s) whenever you are doing a transplant.

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It depends on what you have. I took several moso, and bissetii divisions a few weeks ago and lost about 1/4 of the moso divisions while the bissetii divisions all held on strong without losing foliage.

Some species can be very easy to transplant as long as you keep a big enough root ball on it and a nice long section of rhizome to go along while others are a bit trickier no matter how carefully you take the divisions but if you are not in a rush, I would suggest waiting until spring right before shooting season when the culms/rhizomes are at their highest starch levels.

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