Bamboo alternatives

amiriliano(6)June 16, 2014

HI all, greetings from Philly. I was wondering if there are any cheaper, less invasive options for live screens other than bamboo.

Horsetail looks great but needs to be near water. Anything else like that that would work in my regular yard?

Thanks in advance!

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mischanthus foridus
7 ft, grass

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Firstly, not all bamboos are invasive. Fargesia and other clumpers are safe. I use Fargesia rufa in Zone7a (protected from hot hot in a kind of protected eastern exposure). Btw, if you are in Philly, your zone is 7a. This bamboo wall was started several years ago from a few tiny, expensive pots.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Whatever you do, don't plant horsetail. Now that is an invasive weed that makes running bamboo look quite well behaved. I second the motion to consider a cold-resistant clumping bamboo, like one of the Fargesias.

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I know Fargesia has the reputation of not thriving in hot summers, BUT,
at least with the species 'rufa', it does VERY well in summers with tropical heat and humidity as long as it gets some protection from the hottest sun. (If you are prone to high Summer heat and drought though, that would be a limiting factor.)

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

I would also say to keep an open mind about horsetail. My neighbor had this in San Diego in a sunny front yard and it was hardly watered. It did great there. Many others had them in the neighborhood and none of them were in ponds, just sandy front yards. Just because it grows great on riverbanks doesn't mean that is the only place it thrives.

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