anything that i give to them for faster growth?

beto_borjasJune 8, 2014

they are doing preety good the tallest one just got another leaf today and the other one is about to but i want to know if there is anything i can give to them to speed up their growth a bit? Thank you, Robert.

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I've only been growing them for ~7 years so I'm no expert but here's what I found they like:

Water, food, and sun. They don't complain about lots of mulch either :-)

Take any one away and they slow growth. I also fed mine ash from my chiminea in addition to fruit food and they grew so fast they got out of hand.

Unfortunately, four of the "designer" cultivars I bought were unsatisfactory and I just spent the better part of a week removing them to make room for other things.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

After fertilizer and water, heavy,loomy mulch is my third ingredient to growing large bananas. Pile on the shreaded pine mulch around the base. Only an observation but I believe it gives the banana corm and roots room to reach out and grow verses a little hole in natural hard soil. Pine mulch is cheap and breaks down very nicely. Mine thrive in it.

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i agree with all comments.. i add alot of compost start of every growing season here..dig in deep,mixing native soil in with it..
i tend to be stingy with fertilizer..but when i give them good
feedings regularly.. they get big ..and im in utah..
2 yrs ensetes,sabas got over 14ft tall..
this hoping to get big plants again..
for me..sun,good watering,and heavy on the fertilizer..
mulch i dont do..but the soil is heavy in compost..but i agree with bamatufa..
good luck..and keep us posted...

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