Super Dwarf/Dwarf Cavendish help and ID.

zone10aridgardenerJune 7, 2010

I have what appears to be a super dwarf/dwarf cavendish. I had it out in full summer sun "phoenix, Arizona" and it almost burned to death. So I cut off all the burnt leaves. Please help me get an id, but I have no idea how to post pictures. Also what was wrong with it. I have a five foot rajapuri in full sun but it is fine. Whats am I doing wrong. The stalk of what seems to be the dwarf musa is identical to that of my rajapuri. By that I just want to clear up that it doesnt look like a pup, nor a canna.

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My guess is the banana plant was never acclimated to full sun exposure. It probably spent its early life in the lush comforts of a greenhouse. You can slowly acclimate it to full sun exposure by starting it off in the shade and giving it a few minutes of sun each day.

The ugly burnt leaves will not be an issue. New leaves will sprout up in no time. Banana plants are pretty difficult to completely kill.

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