Best banana trees for zone 7?

Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)June 24, 2011

Im in 5b now but I might be in zone 7 Virginia next year. Im going to try to grow palms and bananas If I go to VA. What are the best bananas to grow in zone 7? I was thinking Musa Velutina and mabye musa bajoo. Any others? Thanks!

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I am not sure of exact hardiness yet, but musa sikkimenses bengal tiger which is a great varigated banana is rated for zone 7b. So I plan on giving mine winter protection. Here is an early spring pic of mine. I will post more on the palm forum later in july.


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I like Musa sikkimensis (cold hardy with nice maroon coloration). Of course, you need to grow Musa basjoo if you end up in zone 7. I would also suggest the CHINESE banana (Lasiocarpus) for cold hardiness--and beautiful yellow flowers.

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Good suggestion I forgot to mention that one which is right behind the bengal tiger. Here is a better pic of mine, unfortunatly it's not in bloom.

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I have had good success with Musa Basjoo in zone 6 when planted up against the foundation of the house, pretty much seem to be bulletproof, although I do mulch and tarp mine just for added insurance. This year I am also trying a banana sold to me as Musa Mekong Giant. Supposed to be cold hardy, according to the seller, but I also read that this banana is actually Musa Yunnanensis, not sure if it really is though. You also might want to look into Itinerans.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Thanks, guys I would have thanked you earlier, but I dont come on the banana forum much. Thanks again!

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I bought a Rajapuri last weekend. Label says it's hardy to Zone 7!--They will fruit. Also bought a Bordelon--though not hardy to Zone 7 (and non-fruiting), it's very tropical looking and hardy to Zone 8 (not bad for a banana).

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