moonie_57June 28, 2006

Does pupping take away from fruit production?

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shiollie(z5 MI)

You dont say if yours if flowering, but if it is, then the mother plant will die and the pups will continue the cycle.
If it is not then the pups will take alot of energy, if you want you can remove most of them.
I grow them for the foliage so I leave them all on except for the smallest and weakest.

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Banana cultivators will leave 2 pups on with the mother plant. So it's normally the mother plant, the first pup which is about half the size of the mother plant and the second pup which is about half the size of the first pup. This way when the mother plant flowers, fruits and dies back, you will still have another pup to take over. I think the idea for 3 stalks is most beneificial.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

IT is a trade off. You don't want to many plants sharing a rootzone, so you should remove some. BUT if you remove too many, esp. at or near flowering, you shock the parent plant, and you get less fruit, or smaller fruit, or both.

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Out of curiousity, should you still leave 2 pups on when growing a potted banana, or would they interfere with the limited root space?

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