Newly planted 3 weeks Yellow groove bamboo

mzkristaJune 10, 2006

Hi I planted a healthy yellow groove 5 gallon 3 weeks ago and now today the leaves appear to be curling. The 3 new shoots that were coming up in the container prior to planting have dried out and died. Yesterday it looked good what happened to today? I was watering it daily because I read it needs alote of water when newly planted, should I not water it every day? Also should I mulch it heavily? I might also mention that I put up a barrier around the plant that is 6 feet long on both sides of the plant and the width of the section is about 2 feet wide. I wanted it limited so it could be a fence hedge. There is plenty of drainage down with no barrier on the bottom. Does anyone have any advise? I have another bamboo plant I think it is nuda that took around 2 years to finally look nice. I thought it was dead but let it go and it is ok, could this be the case with this Yellow groove? Thanks Krista

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gdr41(pa. z6)

If you mulch lightly now it will help keep the soil from drying out,mulch heavier before winter to prevent freezing. You shouldn't transplant while shooting,they probably got shocked. Don't over water, let the plant develope roots. But If the soil is real dry, water when you think needed.leaf curl could be caused by many things, if the plant was shooting it could be putting out new leaves dropping the old ones. Yellow groove is fairly hardy it should come back around.

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I mulched with grass clipping heavily just today and sprinkled the clipping with water, cuz my soil is so dry there is alote of clay in it unfortunatly. How does this sound? Thank you for your advise.

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gdr41(pa. z6)

grass clippings good to use.if your soil is clay water doesn't drain well so maybe try watering heavy every other day. my yellow groove hasn't done much yet this year, no shoot's yet but when i dig near it I find rhizomes 3 feet away, so it's doing all it's growing under ground. I planted it early march. while my vivax,nuda and bisetti are shooting now. I'm near pittsburgh and we have had a wet spring, so I haven't watered any thing yet this year.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

Mine has been shooting like crazy, this is the second year it's been planted and it's doing fine. I think maybe you are watering too much because if you weather has been like ours, I haven't had to water anything. I don't think it needs over an inch a week, like a normal garden plant. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on that. I did mulch mine when I planted it, I watered it a couple of times, and I've not watered it since. If your soil feels moist, it's most likely been getting enough water.

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Thanks, I watered after I put the grass clippings pretty good, how long do you think I should wait till I water again? I put up a barrier on all sides of thick plastic carpet runner in hopes of containing it, it is 2 feet deep do you know how deep yellow goes down? Do you think that that will be deep enough?

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