Questions about leaving plants alone (temp and water)

ramathesonJune 16, 2011

I will be leaving for a few days, and am wondering if my Jalapeno plants (a couple of inches high) will be okay if the temperature here gets much higher? They seem okay so far, with the temps reaching 107. Actually, the ones indoors with 79 degrees seem to be doing less well than the outdoor ones.

Also, will they be okay without water for four days or so if they are watered well before leaving? What about the water question for relatively young sunflowers and sweet peas?

Thanks in advance!

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Are they in full sun all day?

Are they heavily mulched?

Does the soil retain water well?

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Being a gardener and getting away for a few days is mutually exclusive unfortunately. Your best bet is to buy a timer that you can attach to the faucet. You leave the faucet turned on, set the timer for how often and how long to go off and you're good. A soaker or small sprinkler works well. Depends if all your plants are clustered close together. If they are spread around so one hose/sprinkler won't do the job, then you'll need a Y connector coming off the timer to as many hoses/sprinklers you need to keep everything watered while you're away.

This is the only system I have found that works well. We like to head up north to cooler temps in summer and getting the neighbor to water for me (in exchange for my feeding their dogs when they are gone) did not work out very well...........she's a blonde, what can I say? kidding peeps, just kidding.

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They are inside, about six feet away from a north-facing window. The air temps are kept between 80-83. They are not heavily mulched. It is mostly potting soil.

I guess I'll, at the very least, bring the outdoor ones in and just see how it goes. I mean...most plants just need watering once or twice a week. That's every 3.5 days max. We will be gone for 4. I don't think they will all die...

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Oh sorry, I misunderstood, I thought they were in the ground. Just put an inch or two of water in the bathtub and set them in there. Otherwise, just four days inside the house shouldn't be a big deal if you water well before leaving.

Outside, I use a kiddie pool for plants in containers when I'm going to be gone. Same idea, put in enough water to last, the plants will drink UP whatever they need.

Have a good time!

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