short bamboo i.d. please

drich30099June 14, 2012

hopefully my pic will post! Or, can I just send it to someone for I.D?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Your bamboo is too small to ID from a photo, or perhaps even in person. There are about a thousand different species of bamboo in the world, and probably at least 500 that are cultivated in the U.S. When they are young, many of them tend to look very much alike. In addition, a number of species have juvenile leaf forms that are different from how they look as larger plants.

If you know for certain that the mature form of this bamboo is short/shrubby, then its genus is probably either Pleioblastus or Sasa. Sorry I can't be more specific. If you could provide more info or post a picture of the mother plant, then maybe we could narrow it down. Alternatively, you could post it to and see if you have any better luck.

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