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socalbooJune 28, 2006

Okay, please give me your list of favorites:

1. I have slope in my back yard behind huge retaining wall (the kind that a bobcat can hit at full speed and not happened...long story) that is pretty long (115 feet) and tall (about 20 linear feet, with about 8 feet of elevation change). I have a ensente and misi liku (sp?) and unidentified species up there, all thriving. Full sun. San Diego. Haven't seen a frost at my place in recent memory. Closest has been about 37-38. slope is behind a pool, so you get a little microclimate from that that helps keep warm at night

2. flat lands, behind big granite boulders, full sun to mid afternoon

3. flat lands, next to fence, gets full sun from mid morning through mid afternoon, more as they grow taller (area is between two houses, about 25 feet apart).

So, what are your recommendations. Looking for variety to let go wild up on the slope. Anything that would fruit here in San Diego (zone 10 a/b) a plus. I have a couple local suppliers (including pitangdiego).

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)


That is a large question. Sounds like most of the spaces would be OK for bananas. If you want foilage, and a large clump, I would go with 1000 Fingers. If you want fruit, then ther are dozens of possibilities. If you want to see how they all look, come on by.

At 37-38 I would go easy on the red varieties. I am usually 40-42 at the coldest, and most of them struggle quite a bit.

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scottlk(San Diego)

Both of you are lucky, I saw 31-32 repeatedly last winter out in Poway. All of my bananas lost all there leaves at some point over the winter, the only one not to lose some stem was the ice cream. What I think was a mysore got taken down nearly to the ground.

add to that the 102+ degress temps from last week and it seems that our little corner of Poway gets both ends of the extremes. The heat seemed to bother the recovering mysore, but all the better established plants (ice crea, goldfinger and an apple) shrugged it right off.

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