Northern bamboo not reproducing in the South

hdesousa(z6PA)June 18, 2010

Some 4 years ago I gave a friend several clums of Phyllostachys bissetii and Phyllostachys nuda, grown in Nazareth, PA Zone 5-6 but transplanted to Columbia, SC, Zone 7-8. He tells me the clums are very much alive, but have not put out any new shoots. Any ideas?


Hansel de Sousa

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What exactly are you calling a 'clump'? Are there leaves on your plant? Did you only get a rhizome? They should have been shooting like crazy (since maybe April as it's been a warm Spring in the East). They should have no problem in your zone as Phyllostachys are subtropicals and actually do best in zones 7-8. Phyllostachys should do fine in the South, it's the subtropical MOUNTAIN species that have a narrower temperature comfort zone and can suffer in hot temperatures (especially high overnight temperatures). Good luck!

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Is he fertilizing? Watering? Do the plants get as much sunlight as possible? If the answer to any of these is "no", then the bamboo will grow much more slowly.

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