I hate ducks (ruined two bananas)

jardinerowaJune 17, 2012

I have one banana with pseudostem about 4 feet high and another "pup" of a mama that has a pseudostem of 5 feet high. I also have ducks...sigh. The ducks love to pick at the pseudostem and I thought I stopped them in time but realized that they picked at them so much they got all the way to the growth center which bulged out of the hole they made on the side.

It got cut so now it's like growing off to the side but I'm wondering what's going to happen to all the leaves and green above? I figure it would wither but it's not. It's just staying green. Should I cut it or leave as beneficial for growth and fruit/flower production later? Thanks!

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The "leaves and green above" should just continue with their normal cycle, eventually ageing and withering in time. I wouldn't remove them, they're still feeding the plant. The only thing I'd watch is that the hole in the side becomes too small for the new centre shoot and chokes it. Best to just keep a watch on it (and put up some sort of protection from the ducks, they'll keep doing it just out of curiosity and/or boredom). The manure from the ducks will keep the bananas happy.

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