Do these look dead?

paupaucoJune 8, 2011

We had these Fargesia's (Murielae?) put in last spring (May/June). The bigger gallons seems to be thriving but these smaller ones look dead to me. Landscaper says to cut them back to the ground. Isn't it too late in the season to do that? Thanks for the help!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Totally defoliated culms -- if they have any life lurking in them -- can sometimes re-leaf, but those look dead to me. If the rhizomes (roots) are alive, they will send up new shoots, but maybe not until next year. Bamboo are not like shrubs: culms never put out additional growth where they have been pruned, so timing is not an issue regardless of what time of year you did it. The only issue is whether there is any life left in those sticks. If you want to be safe, keep them watered and wait another month or two before cutting them off. If you don't get any new shoots next spring, you can consider the whole plant a goner and remove it.

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Thanks for the input! So, basically, it's just a wait and see kind of thing? There's 3 of them so it's totally sad :( Would it hurt them to dig them up and see about the roots? I wanted to get them replaced since we're still under warranty.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

The roots are woody, and you won't be able to tell anything much by digging them up. By disturbing the roots, you would only injure the plants more...if there was any life left in them. Since they are under warranty and look pretty bad to me, I'd get them replaced.

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