Thinking of purchasing a dwarf banana - which tastes the best??

tangerinemanJune 14, 2006

Hi everyone,

I am new to the board, but I am thinking of purchasing a dwarf banana. I want something with a new unique flavor, and would love some feedback.

Ice-cream bananas - those sound great, how do they taste?

What are some recommended great flavors of bananas (other than the grocery store variety), that are available in dwarf form?

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

I've heard Ice Cream bananas taste very good, but they are by no means a dwarf banana plant.

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Ice Creams are not my favorite and they are not dwarfs. It really depends on what flavor and texture you like. Ice Creams are dry and cakey but have a nice sweet favor. I tend to like the more acidic tasting bananas like Apples. There are some very tasty dwarf ladyfinger types like Dwarf Brazilians, and Namwas, and there are very sweet varieties like Dwarf Jamaicans that have a very light sweet flavor and a nice perfume like fragrance. Pitangadiego has grown and tasted a lot of varieties so he would really be the one to ask. I would recommend visiting his website or the website for more info.

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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Dwarf Namwah, Gluay Namwah, pretty much any shorter Namwah is good (haven't had a bad one yet). Lakatan is a little taller, maybe a semi dwarf, but very good. All will beat out any Cavendish variety or type in my book.

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joereal(Ca z9/SS z14)

Raja Puri is considered dwarf (8 ft average fruiting height, but really depends where grown), and is one of the best tasting fruit bearing banana in our colder area. I agree that Lakatan would be the best, but they can't be grown here. Next would be the Dwarf Namwahs (actually grows to 10 ft here) and a little bit more cold tolerant than Lakatan.

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Where can I order banana fruit other than the ones I get at the store? I would like to try Ice Cream banana and others that pitangadiego mentioned.

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Double Mahoi is my choice. After years of growing several dwarf varieties, I've dug up all of them and given them away except for Double Mahoi. They all tasted pretty much the same to me and Double Mahoi fruited at the shortest height. (This is probably the biggest thing for me.)I haven't gotten two stalks of fruit yet, but when I do, it will just be a bonus.

Double Mahoi: Short fruiting height, fruit is good tasting and relatively large and the plant seems to be as cold tolerant as any other variety.

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