pliz hlp i gits a srs problom

iluvgardinsJune 9, 2008

so 1 tiem i woz lyk walken in a da gradin and i woz lyk wooooooah n den i saw de baananna i woz lyk gjezz das iz sum gd baananna woooooah its de beestttesstt benanna i ever taztezd so den l8 i com i de comp n i poset mi stori on gardinzweb (mi fav forum oder den de gilary doff 1 of corse) so dat bringz mi 2 hear

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pliz dun mak fun of mi langauash i r in collage

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I'm not going to make fun of your message. I think it tells the complete story.

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nucci60(6 Ma.)

Were those two first posts from Earth?

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