StephanieJohnson(9 - Central Florida)April 26, 2011

Hello everyone!

This is my first post as a new grower of hippies (hey, I'm picking up the lingo quick, I think!)

Last year, I rescued two hippie plants from a neighboor who died unexpectedly. I decided to plant them outside and ended up splitting them into five plants. I'm happy to report that three of them bloomed this year! And the seed production has been really good!

I think this is great way to always remember my neighbor each year when the plants bloom.

I think I'm ready to begin to branch out and try different seeds. So, how do I do that? I've noticed that some of the seed exchanges (or give aways) are for all different kinds of seeds and I know I'm not ready for that (yet), just hippies for now please and others don't want to be contacted. I sure don't want to inadvertantly offend anyone! Can you give me any good suggestions for getting started?



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Calvin Ragoonanan

Welcome Stephanie,

I am sort of new to hippies myself. I'm sure other more experienced hippie growers would be more than willing to offer advice and assistance.

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I would start by maybe buying some of the Hippeastrum bulbs they sell for the holidays as seed never comes true to type *unless it's a specie*. There are hundreds of hybrids in all different colors, sizes and shapes! It's really fun to grow the different ones and cross your own and grow the seed ;)

If you are really interested in seed crosses occasionally some of us have excess that we may share. You can try ebay, just search for Hippeastrum and you get a good amount of results for seed or bulbs!


By the way, we LOVE to see pictures ;)

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StephanieJohnson(9 - Central Florida)

Thanks Triniguy!

Thanks Josh! Thanks for the tips. Ebay has some great selections, thanks!

If anyone has any extra seeds that they'd just love to give away, please let me know! :)

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StephanieJohnson(9 - Central Florida)

Something tells me that now is not the time to find bulbs in local stores/nurseries/etc... So, when is the best time?

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