Different Kinds of Blood Bananas?

cactusrequiemJune 10, 2006


This may sound like a strange question...Are there different kinds of Blood Bananas?

I have one that has the typical Blood Spots on the leaf, but the underside is completely Green. I just received a Blood Banana the other day, same Blood Spots, but the underside of the leaf is Maroon/Burgundy.

I understand the whole, different light/soil/water/etc. conditions.I have the green back ones in 2 different locations and they get about as much sunlight as my zone 8 can give it. I should also mention one is in the ground, the other in a pot. I got the Maroon back one from the nursery I work at. A local guy grows them and gives us the pups occasionally.

I am just wondering is one better than the other? Are they basically the same?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

The newer one might be Rh+. The one with the red undersides sounds like a "Sumatrana X" or "Cross" which is 1/2 sumatrana (rojo, bloodleaf, etc) and 1/2 Gran Nain, as I undestand it. Mine is just flowering for the first time, and I hope to get pix posted soon.

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