Can anyone ID this banana?

southlatropicalJune 29, 2007

This is the same unknown variety of banana that is in the post about the stump growing on top of the ground. They get up to about 14' tall. Early stalks and leaves have a purple tint. The purple rim around leaves diminishes after time. One of them bloomed last year, a large purple flower about 12" long.

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So, did it produce fruit last year? If it did, was the fruit a ready-to-eat bananas or was it a cooking banana? This will help you narrow down the variety--whether it was a plantain or not. You have a very pretty plant there. It has pink edges on the stem and leaves (even the midrib). I thought it looked like my Hua Moa which is a plantain (a Polynesian cooking banana). Here are a couple of pics. Maybe, it could be something else because the tricky part is many banana plants do look alike to me.

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My wife corrected me. It was two years ago that the plant bloomed. It made one row of bananas, but they never really developed before the cold weather set in. They were just stubby little green bananas at that time. About 3" long. And yes, your plant looks very similar to the ones I have. But you are right, many of them look alike.

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this banana type appears to be a basjoo,it does produce fruit but its not edible.

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