Raised bed's for large bamboo ??

will_3June 7, 2006

I understand it is not ideal but I must restrict the area I allow for clumping bamboo.

The Plan: I want to plant some varities of tall clumping bamboo... oldhamii or black bamboo or Golden Hawaiian, wamin or buddah's belly or whatever.

Bed Design: I was going to use two 2x8's or two 2x10's or two 2x12's to make the raised beds so the top would be 16" or 20" or 24" above the ground. The boards would be held in place by pressure treated 4x4's that were 2 or 3 feet into the ground. I was going to put a 4x4 support every 4 feet long the raised bed. The bed would be about 70 feet long but only 4 foot wide... maybe a little less... maybe a littlem more.

The Wish: I hope to create a thick privacy hedge as tall and as thick and as quick as possible.

Understanding: I understand that bamboo, even clumping bamboo doesn't like to be resitricted but in this case it is either restrict it or don't have it.


- How tall must I make the wall around the raised bed to keep the bamboo from growing under it?

- When it expands to the edge/wall of the bed will triming it back 6 inches on each side keep the bamboo healthy and happy?

Thanks for any comments and help.

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unautre(8B San Antonio TX)

Untreated would will rot or be eaten termites

Pressure-treated wood ($$$) could will leach arsenic/copper into the soil, perhaps stunting/killing the plant.

I'd use a depth of 20" at least, 24" would be better.

You don't have much choice but to use p/t wood. Maybe isolate the p/t wood/poisons from contact with the bed soil by lining the inside of the p/t wood with pond liner.

70 feet is going to require about 10+ starer plants to create a screen, and much more than 10 if you're in a hurry for the screen to fill in.

Pruning culms will not harm the plant.

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- I would be interested in hearing any other comments about growing bamboo in raised beds.
- I was planning on using pressure treated wood. Has anyone else done this? How did it work?
- What other material and tecniques have been used to grow bamboo in a raised bed?

thanks for any comments

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I'm building a bed with cinderblocks. More expensive, but swill work better than wood.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Raised beds work fine. However, your idea of using it to restrict clumpers baffles me. By definition, clumpers don't go anywhere; they just slowly expand outward. At the time -- many, many years from now -- that a clumper reaches a 4' diameter root ball, timbers (if they still are intact) won't resist the sideways force of the rootball. If you're planning to built raised beds to contain clumpers, I think it's both a non-problem and a waste of money. I'll also point out that expecting to get a complete screen from clumpers that is 70' long is going to cost big bucks: you'll need quite a few plants because clumpers fill in so slowly. If it were me, I'd plant runners in a mound and not worry about containment or a raised bed. Planting in a mound helps keep the runners close to the surface, and it's not much work to annually chop off ones that stray too far. Don't let your fear of bamboo push you into doing too much work. Bamboo can be invasive if you ignore it, but controllable without great expense if you're willing to manintain it.

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