Musa Basjoo Pup Wilting/Drooping

mearly(NC Zone 7-8)June 14, 2012

I have a 7ft Musa Basjoo in its 2nd season. Last year's spear pup grew to around 4ft tall with a 2.5-3ft pstem this year. I decided to separate it.

I started with a metal trowel and mallet, then popped it off cleanly with a spade. Of course only half of the baby corm has roots.

It was doing fine until late this afternoon, when the leaves (8 total, the biggest being approximately 2 ft long and 8 inches wide) started to droop significantly. I became worried with the new leaf that hadn't fully opened started to lean.

I watered it in nicely yesterday, so I was concerned about over watering. I checked the soil and it was damp and spongy, not dripping. I also popped the pup out of the new hole to raise it a few inches and added pea gravel and coco coir (the original soil mixture was mostly humus, some clay, peat moss and bark soil conditioner with some manure and milorganite).

Does anyone know if this drooping is normal, or should I be worried?

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Set it in the shade for a few days until it recovers- IMO it just has more leaves than the few roots can support. Dead heat of summer was perhaps not the best time to be doing this.

And a faster draining media would be better- adding BB's to pudding still leaves you with a cup of pudding :)

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