now growing faster than before

lee466June 10, 2007

I have a banana that didn't grow for 6 months, and it produced 1 leaf at the begining of april, and then stopped for 2 months, and this month it started to produce a new leaf about a week ago, and it fully opened 3 days ago, and today I found a new leaf coming up, before when a leaf came completely out, it took a week to see any signs of a new leaf. It is now growing over twice as fast, instead of producing 2 fully open leaves in 3 weeks, i'm now getting one fully open leaf per week, I hope it keeps growing fast.


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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

They respond well to the brighter light and warmer temperatures this time of year. You can fertilize now if you haven't been, and that will help it grow even faster. Don't fertilize in the winter though.

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I've been fertilizing it, and i've been putting oak mulch around it. It is getting bright light about 10 hours a day, and the highs are staying near 90 degrees, and the lows are getting 60-70 degrees. I won't fertilize in winter.

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