Newbie needs advice to get banana to fruit

davidwv(z6SouthernWV)July 17, 2006

I have a three year old banana that I received as a small pup, the person that gave it to me said it was supposed to be a Dwarf Cavendish. It has never flowered for me, but has grown really into what I would consider a large clump of pups.

The first year I had it in a pot about 12 - 14 inches in diameter and about 18 inches deep. I used peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and lots of composted cow manure for the potting mix. It grew well enough the first season.

Then last year (second season) I read that the bigger the pot, the better for the banana. So I repotted it into a large pot about 22 -24 inches in diameter and about 24 inches deep. Used the same type of potting mix and put a think layer of composted cow manure on the top of the potting mix. I kept it well watered and fertilized using the new Miracle Grow formula of 24-8-16. It just continued to grow more pups, never put up a shoot.

At the present time (3rd growing season), I am treating it like I did last year, lots of water and fertilizer. As I mentioned the pot is basically a clump of pups. Should I try to break these pups up and plant the best one all by itself in the pot or leave it be for now?

I'll try to get a picture tomorrow to show the plant.

I would really like to get this plant to bear fruit, even if it is too late to do so this year. Any advice concerning fertilizer, potting mix, pot size and over-wintering would be greatly appreciated.



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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

You need a radically larger pot, or put it in the ground. Everything else sounds good. You could also thin out some of the pups.

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