Funny stuff with seed(s)

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)April 26, 2011

I made some crosses that I wouldn't think would take, and the pods swelled and looked good. But, then when they really got big, they aborted, started to shrivel and turn yellow. So, I opened one up and it was full of little white seeds (about 1/4 of the mature size). BUT...there was one fat black seed.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I planted the single seed and will pamper it. But, I am wondering how this happened...and what the chances are for this seed to grow.


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The same thing happened to me in the past. I can't help you very much as I planted so many seeds that year that I don't remember if that seed had grown. I think it would depend on how mature it was at the opening of the pod.
I am sure that other time I got seeds from a "seem to be aborting" pod that were fertile. There were three black and twisted, smaller than usual seeds in the pod with all the white or light brown empty ones. That time I let it dry and open naturally.
Good luck!

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I replied to this when it was posted,however it was lost in the deep caverns of computerland.
You probably crossed plants with mismatched ploidy.Tetraploid X diploid or vs sometimes produces viable seed.Crossing either with a triploid can sometimes produce viable seed.Most of the time you get seeds with no embryo, or a dead embryo.Some varieties consistantly produce seeds with a brown or red,sometimes tan spot which indicates that the embryo is dead.The viable seeds which are produced are often weak and die as small plants.You could get lucky with your one seed.If it is the product of a ploidy mismatch it could be diploid,tetraploid,triploid or mixoploid.If your seedling is pollen fertile it could produce a seedling with stable genes,when crossed with a plant with stable genes,even though it may be triploid or mixoploid. Rare,but not impossiblee.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Thanks Del...I am very careful, so I know that it IS the cross...I'll keep you posted. I worked very carefully to cross my yellows (sorry Arif...I am keeping the one seed) but I did get many seeds from my Lemon-Lime x least enough to share with the couple of people who specifically requested them!

Thanks again!

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Kristi, what was the cross?

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Forgive me for bumping an old thread but I just have to know - What happened to this seed? I've had random seed pods where after opening them, they were chockful of white seeds while there were two or three normal seeds at the end. I sometimes kick myself for not planting them. I just assumed they were no good and tossed them out.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

it never germiniated. I tried...but it didn't cooperate.

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Darn, I'm sorry to hear that.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I always try to germinate them, even if they are immature. You never know what might happen (although 99.9% probably nothing will happen!).

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I'm not going to be careless next time. If I come across another pod like that, I am definitely going to give the seed(s) a chance to grow. :)

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Hi, I'm wondering if the situation with the seeds you are talking about are similar to what is being discussed in the thread I've pasted below.

I've tried to follow this diploid/tetraploid/quadrupaploid science, and as interesting as it is to me, I understand it as well as some of the algebra I was forced to study back in high school!

Here is a link that might be useful: Under the Ladder Amaryllis Beauty

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