Please help. Bulb neck rot?

Nititii P.April 5, 2014

Hi, this is my first time planting H. Aulicum. it's from japan. When I received the bulb is dry and in good condition with long neck, except the neck is soft and I can smell like leaf rot softly.

Then I decide to cut half of the neck and dip the bulb neck into the fungicide mix with water for about 10-15 seconds and let it dry for a night and then dust fungicide on the bulb and neck before planting.

Now the neck is dry but there is more red color from top to the center of the bulb more and more. The outer leaf scale is thiner and change color from green to little yellow. The bulb is still firm and I can still see green color from the inner most leaf base on the top of the neck.

Is my bulb going to rot and what should I do to save my bulb?

Many Thanks

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Nititii P.

Now it's look like this.

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Nititii P.

Can you see little green at the center.

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HI Big.

I think you should continue to cut anything more off the bulb that appears to be rotting. Go as far as you need to and make sure you document it with pictures. You will need to send those photos to Komoriya for proof that there is a problem.. My first aulicum from them had some mite issues and I sent them pictures of the marks on the leaves as well as the dying leaves from the center of the bulb. They told me to wait until next year to see how it responded. About a month later I send them more pictures of more dying leaves and this time they offered to send me a replacement and they sent me 2!! If you do need to contact them go through EBay that way EBay also gets a copy of the complaint and I can't help but think that makes them a little more diligent in righting the situation.

Good Luck and keep us posted.


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Nititii P.

Thank you so much Donna. Before I think it's my fault to dip the neck into the water with fungicide, then I haven't send email to Komoriya.


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