Basjoo plants

larry_joliet(5)July 2, 2007

I have 2 plants that I bought last year, had them in the garden for the year, dug them up and had them inside for the winter.

Over the winter the grew alot indoors, and when I planted them outdoors again this year they seemed to do well, and put on some new growth.

Now for the past few weeks they dont seem to be doing nothing, I hear people say on here that there Basjoo's grow, alot daily, and they are very tall by the end of the year, it dont seem to be growing like that for me?

Any help?

I do water them daily and put fertlizer on the plants, about once a month. What elese can I do???


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Are they in a good spot as far as sun goes? I know here in Dallas we have had a problem with too much rain and mine are getting a little water-logged.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some care and info about bananas here.

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They are in full sun, and well worked soil, when i planted them i threw in a handfull of cow manure

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ok this may be normal, but, while i was watering the 2 basjoo today, i seen pups coming up with both plants. Is this normal with the plants still being short?(about 2 ft)they are about 2 yr old but still small
thanks for the input

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