Planting Mysore in SF bay area

GWlolo(9b/ Sunset 15)July 28, 2013

I am a reasonably experienced gardener but this is my first foray into bananas. I am in zone 9b in San Francisco bay area and have a decent sized lot but some shade. Summertime average highs are 80 degrees in July, Aug, Sep with a few 90s and 100s. Average winter lows are 38, 39 in Dec, Jan. Hardly any summer rain to speak of. Mid-May to late sep is pretty dry.

I just purchased a Mysore banana in a 8in pot. The plant is about a foot tall and it already has a pup. I am wondering if I should repot this in a bigger pot for this year or is it ready to go into ground. Ideally I would prefer to prepare the soil properly and plant into the ground. I have decent soil and can amend as necessary. I really would like a lot of big leaves sooner than later as well as fruit eventually. But if I need to bring it into the garage for winter ( we do get a handful of freeze days here), I can repot into a larger pot..

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GWlolo(9b/ Sunset 15)

Bump.. Hoping to get a response from someone.

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

I would put it in the ground asap.
Put it in a spot with good sun and drainage and add as much organic matter as you can then mulch it to hold in the moisture. Keep it moist not wet and you will be fine. Once it starts putting out new leaves fertilize it regularly as long as the temp stays above 70. A nice pile of leaves around the base will be all you need for your freeze days. Your challenge will be water once it gets going... this forum is almost dead go to if you need more support...

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