Need help diagnosing bamboo

Noclue80July 28, 2014

got one clum of bamboo that is the leaves are turning brown and soft...the other bamboo clums are doing fine except this one. It is getting the same amount of water as the others.

New shoots are growing out of this one...but worried now that they may stop growing and die as well...

any ideas of what is going on?

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Since it's almost impossible to over water bamboo, and the tips of the leaves are brown and dry, I would suggest increasing the water. The soil in that spot may be slightly different or it gets more sum etc. I had a similar problem with the Buddha's Belly in my garden. The extra water solved the problem but created another... it grew into a monster that ate that part of the yard.

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Looks like salt burn to me. I'd heavy water to try and force the salts down and then go back to your regular watering schedule only follow the above advice and increase watering duration.

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