Which running bamboo(s) full sun S.TX?

SoTX(8b/9a)July 21, 2011

Now that I am hooked, I still know squat after much reading. Got some nice plants from a nursery on eBay which I up-potted--B. multiplex "fernleaf" is shooting on 3rd day in new pot. I don't know that it or Ph. vivax aurosulcata or atrovaginata will take full sun here. I have read that Ph. rubromarginata grows fast--what I need. Help!


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B. mult. "Fernleaf" does well in full sun or almost full shade, but this year, with the severe heat and drought, it would be better in the shade, at least as far as watering it goes.

All of the Phyllostachys that I have do well in full sun except the Moso which needs shade when it is young.

Are you planting these in Texas or in Florida?


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South Texas. Yeah, miserable weather. Need a fast-growing screen in a major way. Deadend dirt (caliche) road has now become an industrial access for oil companies--big trucks 24/7. Every one of them peers in and I am not fond of the fishbowl effect. I know I won't get instant results, but gotta start. Lewis Bamboo has plants on sale--any news on them? Figure to up-pot until it cools off some. I don't use chemicals so used soymeal on the ones I just potted. Any recommendations there?

Thanks for your help

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Here in 8b, I would recommend Bambusa textilis. Yes, it is a clumper, and it may be up to 5 years before you can get decent visual screen, but I have gotten a nice screen in as little as 3 years with textilis.

It is one of the most, if not 'the' most cold hardy of the Bambusas and makes an impenetrable clump once mature. It grows to 44' here. I wish I would have planted textilis along my whole back(north) fence as a visual and Winter wind barrier.

It may take a lot of plants to cover the distance that you need, but I think it is best since you will never have to worry about it getting out of control, which I had with the Phyllostachys runners. The runners really like Texas once they are established. I can get a few dozen divisions from a mature textilis each year, so if you buy only a few plants, you can later take divisions to fill in between the other plants.

I never purchased from Lewis Bamboo so I have no comment on their plants or services.


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