Grubs eating plants

ColigionJuly 11, 2011

New to the forum, but been an avid reader. I've gone through many articles and posts online regarding grub control, but was hoping for some more specific advice. I've had a huge grub problem in the front and back of my yards. I can dig them up beneath cactus, shrubs, trees, etc. They are devastating, and eat my plants roots until death. I have tried to take precautions to rid myself of their destruction, but would like to know what else I can do to stop the invasion?

So far, here is what I have done this year to treat my plants:

-Applied Bayer Season Long liquid grub treatment (Imidachlroprid) in early May

-Applied Spectracide liquid Triazicide in mid June

-Lastly, I applied Bayer 24 hour Grub Killer (Dylox) at the start of July

As you can see, I have tried quite a few remedies to stop the destruction. However, I came across two grubs just the other day after finding a recently planted Agave struggling.

Other than Milky Spore and Nematodes, is there any other chemical I should try? So far I am not sure what good I have done with the aforementioned products.

Lastly, most of these grub killers are marketed towards lawn use. Most do not mention applications with plants. I was curious if any of these products would damage my plants when applied? Thanks for the help.

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Looks like you use liquid. I use ortho granuals. Spread around everywhere and water in. I also use it in my veg. garden beds and around my bulbs. I still find one once in a while but not enough to worry about. You have to water after applying so just wash any off the plants. It works great with graveled yards goes right through (between) the gravel to the soil and will last longer than liquid.
Hope this helps Camp Verde

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Did you have any luck? I'm going to call our cooperative extension tomorrow. I had to dig up five plants that were thriving until late July. They looked like they were lacking in water, but they were grub infested! Darn things ate the roots of my golden columbine, coral bell, autum sage, bat faced cuphea and Mexican petunia! I think they've gotten into a cape honeysuckle too. I wish I'd known what was causing the damage sooner. I just dug most of them part way up and smushed the grubs, but I need a better solution. Will post if I find one!

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Spread around some diatomaceous earth and dig it in. It will slice them to ribbons. You should be able to find some at a feed store that is food grade and a fine powder. f you don't care about food grade, AutoZone sells an oil absorbent that is 100% DE with no cemical additives. It is less than $7 for a big bag. The DE will get rid of slugs too,but it will not harm earth worms.

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My roses did very well for a few months after I planted them this past spring. They slowly declined almost to death by July. Just yesterday, I realized one was not going to make it so I pulled it out. While turning the soil in the hole there were at least 20 grubs!! Now of course, I'm wondering if that was the reason they were doing so poorly. I am from Long Island and never had a problem growing anything and had beautiful roses, so I am new to growing anything in Az.I have used DE in my garden for ants, but I am wondering if I should add DE to the soil now, as I was planning on putting new rose bushes in the same holes before I found the grubs. Any solutions or advice will be welcomed. Thanks

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I live in Mesa AZ. I found numerous grubs under my Rose bushes when they died. I narrowed it down to compost I bought and mixed in the original dirt when newly planted. I purchased Spectricide grub killer to the new soil I was going to use to replace the rose plant. It sat for a few weeks and when I turned the soil again to replant I found another grub, and it was dead. So I will be mixing that into all my compost and dirt before I plant. I really wanted to try something organic but they just don't seem to work and it is much work to keep buying plants and hoping for the best. Hope this helps

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