Repotting seedlings

succulentfreak(N. CA - Z8)July 15, 2006

I've searched this site for awhile now and can't find the info I need. I did read that seedlings should be at least 3" before transplanting but I have a few more questions...

Should each seedling be in its own pot? I planted in large cell trays and a couple cells have 2 or three seedlings. Do they need to be separated? Better to leave them together, untraumatized?

I have loads of 1 gallon plastic pots..big enough?

The Moso are at 3", Dendro Giant 8" and Lako and Asper at 6"...ok to transplant all now?

Thanks for all the great info provided on this site. I have lurked lots and learned tons from you all. Amy

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bambooo(6 CT USA)

Never put all your eggs in one basket, transplant a few of each today , a few another day.
I like rainy days the best for this.
Work in the shade and leave the new transplants in a shady wind sheltered spot gradually moving them back to the sun.

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gdr41(pa. z6)

a general rule for trans planting any seedling is it's ok to do after plant has it's second set of leaves. meaning that plant has one set of leaves then higher up the stem another set. if more leaves than that the better. one gallon containers will be fine, you can go to larger pots later. you can have 2 seedlings in one pot then seperate later or just let them grow together. you should get them out of the cell tray and into your 1 gallon pots and you'll see them start to grow faster. as bamboo6 say's keep them sheltered for a few day's then full sun ok. I've grown hundreds of boo from seed and it sounds like your doing fine so far.

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succulentfreak(N. CA - Z8)

Great! Thank you both for your info. Looks like I have the next couple of weeks planned for me! Amy

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