Question about black bamboo....

petersonJuly 27, 2008

Hi, Guys.....In 2006, I bought some black bamboo lako, and black asper, and took them to my house in Sinaloa, Mexico. I decided that for once in my life I would carefully take notes, and mark the plants so I would have a good record where they were...didn't happen. For the first year they were borderline disaster. Barely alive. I then started digging up several varieties of bamboo from around town and planting it in my yard. Well, last year everything took off, and grew about 18' high. Last week, I made a trip down, and the trees grew another 4' or 5', and really thickened up.

I can see maybe 4 different shaped leaves in the bunch. But what really gets me, is there are pups coming up through the ground that are a few inches high, but from 2" to 2 1/2" in diameter. They're almost as wide as they are high, with kind of a diamond pattern on them.

So...what kind of bamboo pups do I have? I didn't get a chance to take photos of the this trip.

One bamboo I planted, I got from a neighbor, and his plants were about 40' high. I just cut sticks from his trees, and stuck them in the ground.

Any help will really be appreciated.

jim Peterson

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Photos would be most helpful.


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Are you just trying to tell the two blacks apart? B lako is much glossier than D asper. D asper is also much larger and thicker than lako.

David. Fl

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Ok, Guys....I make about four trips down home a year, and this is the first time I forgot my camera. I do have some photos from about last March and I'll try to load them up. Me and computers are not too compatible, but I'll try. I get a little more respect after I swung the 'puter into the wall by it's cord.
Is it normal to have such fat pups? These are the black bamboo aren't they? I've never seem them before.
Seems I don't know how to send the pics. Anyone know?

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The fattest new shoots that I have seen are on the Sinospinosa. They come up about four or five inches thick, but quickly reduce down to half that size as the culm grows.

I don't have the Black Asper but have the regular green Asper and the Lako both put up similar size shoots.

2.5 inch thick shoots is not uncommon for either of those bamboos.


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