Musa Basjoo Banana Plantation?

breinhart(z7 Central VA)July 17, 2007

We planted two small pups a year ago, cut them off at 2 feet last fall and covered them with large plastic garbage cans filled with leaf mulch. They wintered over just fine and have each grown about 4 feet since we uncovered them. We have pups, in some cases half the size of the mother plant. We are going to transplant some but can the others be left as is right next to the primary plant? We are growing them for the foliage as that fits in with the tropical theme at our pool. I am a little leery about moving a pup that is 3 feet tall and almost as thick as the mother plant.

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It will transplant without any problems. YOu may want to dust the open wound on the "bulb" with powdered sulfur to cauterize the wound and prevent possibility of rot. Otherwise it should do fine.

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One thing to remember is that you want your transplant to get established before winter comes. If it's not too hot (maybe you have a little shade, too?), hopefully it will do OK. The others can be left by the mother, no problem.


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