moving amaryllis

brigarif KhanMay 5, 2006


All PUNDITS please advise.


1 WHEN?.

2 Procedure (should leaves & roots be trimmed if so how much).


1 Procedure.


When, by age, by size,or by season?.

Let us discuss it as related to our personal experience and not by the book.


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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

My only moving experience has been removing one bulb from a mass of other bulbs growing jammed together in a barrel. I dug down gingerly (fingers, no tools) below the bottom of the bulb, teased it apart from its fellows, and pulled it up s l o w l y. It was done a few weeks before bloom, so it had leaves and the beginning bloom stems (about half full height). I slipped the bulb and some dirt into a plastic bag for the remaining 4+ hours of my work day, and when I got home, grabbed a 1 gallon plastic pot. I've read that amaryllis like to be root crowded (and the 'parent plant' in the barrel was certainly both crowded and thriving) so I chose a pot about twice the diameter of the bulb. I added more potting soil to cover the bulb and neck to the depth it had been before, and I clipped nothing at all. Not the roots, not the leaves. It finished sending up the leaves and bloom stem, and then I clipped the stem after it was all yellowed. That was last Spring.

This Spring, in the same pot, I have leaves about 6 inches tall, a bloom that is just finishing, and 4 baby sets of leaves coming up. I never had a big die-back post re-potting, and I even got 4 blooms off the stem, despite being pulled out and repotted mere weeks before.

I'm NO expert, but I didn't kill it when I took it out of it's parent pot and brought it home to my house. I'm in coastal California, in a cool fog belt. My temps lately have been in the 50's and 60's, with a little bit of 70's. My amaryllis live year round outside, in the pots, as to the parent plants I got mine from.

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rcarrow143(z9AZ Tucson)

My husband is military and 5 years ago when we left san antonio (in May) I dug up about 7 amaryllis bulbs and put them together in a black gallon container that plants come in from the nursery. Moved them along with two rose bushes I had in pots and several other plants. (my sister actually came to help me move my extra vehicle because my husband was in korea at the time.) We transported them inside her suburban while she was pulling my other vehicle. When we arrived in Tucson and got settled I replanted them in the ground and they have grown and multiplied. When we move next year I plan on digging them up again and taking them with me.

I have not had any problems, my plants are green year round both here and in San Antonio. This next move I will have lots of seedlings as well. I think I will have to make two trips for my plants...

Good thing he is retiring and the move is not far...

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If I SHOULD have to move and could fix the date for that deliberately I would choose the time when the bulbs are "ready" after one summer's vegetation period.
In this case I WOULD take the opportunity and remove leaves and roots entirely and then perform a Hot Water Treatment on the bare bulbs in order to accomplish a total sanitation (removal of tarsonemid mites and microscopical nematodes), cover them with diatomaceous earth, label them and wrap them into newspaper. Thus I would avoid to contaminate my new environment with these nasty critters.

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brigarif Khan

I like SAN ANTONIO.The climate is like my home town LAHORE only a little milder in summer.My first visit was 6 month in 1964 and later with my family for 6 months in 1973.My boys loved the zoo and its parks.The lovely LOCAT trees at SCHOOL OF AERO SPACE MEDICINE leden with fruit that no body would dare to eat thinking it may be poisonous except my family which enjoyed it.Once we served it in our house party. The fellow officers and their families enjoyed it thinking it was an import from PAKISTAN.
Lovely days and memories.

Your comments on other two questions are also requested.
Please join.

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I dread the day that I will have to move again. I have moved several times in my life and the hardest one was when I had to migrate here in US from the Philippines leaving behind ALL of my beloved plants. Like rcarrow, my husband works for the government too which means a lot of moving if you want to "go up the ladder".
Anyway, if in case I will need to move my plants and had a choice as to when, Fall/Winter time I think would be the best time. My Roses and Amaryllises should be asleep (no leaves) by then. Dig them up/unpot trying to keep as much roots, wrap rootball with newspaper or live sphagnum moss if you have them available, put individually in plastic bag then altogether in a box and then move.
Emergency the same except to trim back a bit or keep as much foliage as you can. We packed 2 huge boxes of live plants and bulbs this way last 2002 when my mother visited me here in US (plants brought home to PI by Air). They survived the trip and are doing well.
Seedlings...transplanting seedlings I think is a very personal choice. When? Definitely not summer for me, spring maybe when the weather is milder. I will not base it on size or age...some plant varieties are slower/faster growers. I'd focus on how much root system they got. If I think they have enough roots to support themselves in the transplanting process, then do it. They will in one way or another have some kind of setback being taken away from their "kindergartens" as how Hans says

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brigarif Khan

Hello All AMAYLLIS growers
Last fall I decided to re-organize my garden. It involved shifting of my AMARYLLIS beds (about 1000 bulbs and shifting my selected bulbs from pots to ground.
The bulbs from beds were dug; bulb lets separated, foliage cut at the base and roots trimmed to 4 inches. The bulbs were re-planted after two weeks.
They all bloomed earlier than normal but the blooms were smaller than usual.
It was observed that all old roots had rotted and only few new roots had yet developed.

The same procedure was adopted with the selected ones except that they were replanted without any delay. Majority of them did not come out of dormancy. So I pulled them out again and found them completely rootless with no sign of sprouting new roots. I have replanted them in pots after removing all dead material washing and dusting the plate with rooting compound. I hope they survive.

I never had any problem when I replanted them without cutting the leaves or trimming the roots.

I live in LAHORE a city of PAKISTAN
The winter minimum at night can go down to 0 to -1 and maximum summer in shade up to 47 to 50C. The AMARYLLIS here remains ever green.

Replant after flowering (the plant is fully stabilized by the time of next flowering)
Do not remove healthy leaves or cut healthy roots. Do not let the roots dry even a little bit.
(When separating, dig separate and put the bulbs in a shallow tub of water thoroughly water after replanting).

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My wife and I are moving from Houston TX. to Tulsa OK. in the verry near future. We are looking for information on moving her many AMARYLLIS along with us.
I really don't have a clue as to do this. I'm going to follow the messages on this site if no one else has a better suggestion.
Some of these plants are verry old and she would love to keep them safe and sound during the move. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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hopeful_in_Brevard(z9b FL)

Ive had amaryllis for years, but they just wont bloom. They are in the ground. I live in Florida. I dug them up one time and replanted them with bulbs protruding from the soil, but still not one flower. It looked like a land mine field when I replanted them. LOL. I have some in pots, but they don't bloom either. I gave up on them and just let them grow leaves. Any suggestions would be grately appreciated.

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