My seeds germinated!

mikey33(5b Ont.)May 2, 2010

Well I had the seeds sitting on the counter for about a month, and I decided to do the flotation method. I used a 4 gallon (16 litres) or so white plastic bucket, and stuck in a submersible aquarium heater. Even though the heater is on lowest setting the water temp must be at least 90 degrees F. About 2 weeks in I checked them and decided to top off the water and saw that 50% had roots. And the others were "plumping up". Then I noticed algae in the bottom of my bucket, and decided to clean it and do a complete water change. I would have throw in a little Hydrogen Peroxide had I found it...Maybe tomorrow. I figured without a heater my water temps would have been 50 deg. F, so opted for a heater. I will transplant when I have 1 cm long leaves showing.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

If you start them in the house, then the water would be warmer...! Sounds like you did a great job. Now remember, when you transplant them to soil, you'll have to keep them very moist, since that's what they are used least for a while. Seedlings never like to dry out.

What cross or self are the seeds from??

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Mikey, that's great news! Congrats. I've never tried flotation but that might be the answer for some of the more stubborn seeds that haven't germinated for me. Alana

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mikey33(5b Ont.)

I think they are Novella x self or Novella x Apple Blossom. I did start them in the house, but my basement floor (for a lack of space) is cold, cold, cold. I think I will use a coconut coir and perlite mix. 50/50. That should keep them moist. But I am not transplanting until I see leaves. I am supposing Amaryllis form true leaves as opposed to cotyledons right off the bat. Correct if I am wrong. What bites is I have to move in October. I don't even know where to yet.

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mikey33(5b Ont.)

I am wrong. Amaryllis do indeed form cotyledons. They are classified as Monocotyledoneae.

Class Monocotyledoneae: Monocots

Flower parts in 3's or multiple of 3's; one cotyledon inside seed; parallel leaf venation; includes Lilium, Amaryllis, Iris, Agave, Yucca, orchids, duckweeds, annual grasses, bamboos and palms.

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Another cool way to germinate Amaryllis seed is to place them between damp folded paper towels in a container, unsealed. I mean damp to the point of dripping water. I do many different types of seed this way.


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