Cooking With Bananas (leaves)

dspitz2012(6)July 10, 2013

Hey everyone

I was having difficulty finding information on which banana leaves can be used for cooking. I have never eaten them before but from what I have read most of the time they are just used for wrapping to food while cooking.

Musa Basjoo (cold hardy ornamental)
Musa double mahoi (edible bananas)
Musa ice cream (edible bananas)
Musa ensete glaucum snow banana (cold hardy ornamental)

If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it thanks!

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Go out to YouTube. Use key words Bananna leaf , cooking ,etc. I was just looking for this info the other day. From what I found all leaves can be used in cooking. So far I have cooked fish fillets on the grill wrapped in either my Ice Cream or Basjoo leaves. Came out very nice and moist. Looking the other day I picked up a new tip with cooking with the leaves. A you tube video demostrated scortching the leaf first over an open flame ( gas stove top ) . This makes the leaf more pliable and prevents it from ripping or tearing when wrapping up your food. Also website has several threads about cooking with the fruit and leaves.Great site and members can answer any question you have about bananas.

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Thank you very much!!

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