Lovely Garden + Seeds

ajsblu_eyes(9)May 7, 2012

My Lovely Garden re-bloomed and I have extra seeds if anyone is interested.

More seed pods are ripening so I will have lots more than I need. I only selfed the flowers so these will probably look very similar to the above picture when they are blooming size. If you are interested reply or private message me.


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everytime i see a red amaryllis i think of christmas and then salivate, just like pavlov's dog j/k.

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Are you interested in some seeds? You are in fact living in the same state I am :)

I forgot to mention that Lovely Garden is a small hippie and it grows in clusters meaning that it offsets a lot. (google or search Garden web history for more pictures) I will have more seeds available. I have been a bad mommy and so have seed pods ripening that I am not positive of the parentage.

Fairy Tale x Lovely Garden
**Fairy Tale x Peach Pompidou


**Lovely Garden x Double Dream or
**Lovely Garden x Fairy Tale
Lovely Garden x Flamenco Queen (just pollinated today)

** means I am almost positive I made this cross I just forgot to label the pods.


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