ashley.bkldMay 27, 2014

My amaryllis plants stopped blooming, they all have bulbs and some of them look like they are burned and they are cracked open. Does anyone know the cause of this

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Hi! Your amaryllis will typically bloom only once per year. Sometimes you get an extra bloom during the cooler fall. Are you growing them inside? It sounds like they need water and light to start growing some leaves.

The first message in the list is a STICKY and it's lots of questions that might help you learn about what your bulbs need.

Where did you get these and how are you currently growing them (by the window), etc? A little more information would be helpful.


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"they stopped blooming"
they typically bloom once a year...

"they all have bulbs"
they produced seed pods...

"Some of them look like they are burned and they are cracked open"
these seed pods are ripe, they opened and released the black seed foils...

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Thanks for the translation Hans-Werner!! (smile)
I found a couple of my bulbs that had gotten pushed to a back corner and they are dry, look burned and cracked open!! These were just run of the mill H. Susan and H. Miracle...totally neglected and looking just like Ashley's description!! Maybe I was just feeling guilty as I read her post.....

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These are the amaryllis I had in the picture window, I moved them today because they were not getting enough sun. They are not doing anyything, the leaves are still there and very tall. I was told that these leaves would die and others take their place, but so far nothing. Could it be they were not getting enough sunlight, someone told me it is almost impossible for them to get too much sunlight when they are outside, is that true?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

There was a post recently about leaves burning. I live in Texas and grow mine under shade cloth. Ones that don't have protection from the sun do get sunburned at my house as the summer sun is very hot.

The new leaves come up from between the old leaves, which may or may not fall off this time of year. Typically prior to dormancy, they will lose their leaves.

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