unusual looking day

carolssisJuly 25, 2014

Up at 5 am. Didn't realize at first why it looked so odd outside. Checked my humidity gauge outside, it's 54 %. I can see the Santa Rita mountains, 35 miles away, but not this morning. Don't recall when I've seen the humidity this high except for rain, for a long while. Even all the birds seem quieter.

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I know! I woke up at 6, looked outside .... who took our mountains? lol

I thought it was the smoke from the fire in the Rincons, but they said it was dust that had blown up from Sonora overnight. I don't remember it being that windy though.

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

We need more rain!

The whole week after that rain we got brought so much humidity that all my plants flourished. But now with these 110f+ low humidity days are starting to take its toll on my tropical plants again :(

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I agree, the 2014 monsoon season started off with a *BANG* over here but has been quiet for the past 10 days or so. (and HOT)

Although that may change soon. I'm hearing persistent thunder and it looks a little scary outside. Fingers crossed!

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I was driving north on Harrison, and have super view of Rincons and Catalinas. That's when I noticed the haze over the mountains. This was 10 am or so,yesterday, I think the Rincon fire started later. So, I just assumed it was moisture haze, which in summer is kinda odd. We got 6 rain drops on the east side this after noon. Just enough to water spot the truck. I'm printing "Just call me Spot" on my rear window. I feel like I have a wet rag wrapped all over me, and I have swamp cooler. More like just swamp. Praying for more rain.

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All the bugs are spawning and coming alive. We have lightning and dust but no rain yet.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

I've had two big soakings in the last week, a week ago tonight, and then again on Saturday. It makes tolerating this humidity worth it. Mostly, hah! Keep the fun weather and scenery reports coming!

Happy gardening weather bugs,

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Saw a lot of lightening south of me yesterday, but got no rain here. I could see small pockets of rain to the south. Little lightening down there too. Noticed that a neighbor has a windmill in backyard, cool, I can tell what direction the wind is coming from. Don't know why I never really noticed it before. It works real well. 3 houses away, so I can see it from my kitchen. I always wanted one, now don't need to. Last rain, 4 days ago uprooted a tree, so I need to get it reported. In an alley and blocks the sidewalk. Humidity is up and down this week. How funny. Am enjoying my birds and trying to get a look at the cardinals, who roost in my tree, but don't come to the feeder block. Heard them when it was dark, last night. Still praying for more rain.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

My little garden got over two inches of rain last night, August 2nd, in a nice, heavy, steady windless downpour. My 75 gallon rain barrel went from about 20% full to literally overflowing, and it just captures rain from about a fifth of the roof surface area. This is the third big rain in my little garden in the last month. Another good monsoon year for me. I hope the same is true for everyone else!

Happy gardening!

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My DH installed my rain gauge on the fence, right where I can't see if from the house. Then, he empties it before I can go out and check it. GRRR! But we finally got rain, nice soft rain late at night, last week. No idea how much. Nice and cool early in the morning. I wish I could harvest the rain in a barrel, but our area is not permitted to do that. Silly. I catch some in buckets. Not enough to make much of a difference. Happy weather watching. I keep my eye on that windmill!

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