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bunnynomnom(zone 10a)May 8, 2013

I got a bunch of 36+ cm "unknown striped" bulbs at a discount and it turned out that they are Dancing Queen! Well, I want to pollinate them, but not sure of the correct flower anatomy. I know many said doubles are dead-ends, but I see some curly parts that may look like a stigma?


They are really pretty although the colors are not as deep and the stalks are short, probably due to stress, but the surprising thing is that the flowers are slightly fragrant! Not sure if that's normal or just my biased nose :)

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bunnynomnom(zone 10a)

Also, I want to cross Charisma (a beautiful mislabel that I love so much!) with Dancing Queen's pollen. Would the ploidy be okay?

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Hi My,

Put Dancing Queen on Charisma, hopefully you took Charisma's pollen off in time as I've found that the short stigma often get selfed with no help! This cross should take and give you some bright flashy flowers..Charisma (for me anyway) always makes nice fat seedpods that produce good seeds. Wait until Charisma's stigma has curled up and is begging for pollen and then dab the pollen several times over a few days...

As for getting seedpods on Dancing Queen, you would have to find a fully formed stigma, not one attached to one of the petals and not a partial one. This is not impossible, but very doubtful but, you should get the same results using Charisma as the seed parent.

My Dancing Queen was slightly fragrant and it was hubby that discovered it, he has a habit of sticking his nose in all my flowers!! ;-)

Let us know how you make out...


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