Tipu Tree

shadetreetimJuly 15, 2007

Any one out there have experience with Tipu trees in their yards? I am considering planting a couple of them in my yard along a 60 ft long block wall. How far away from the wall should these trees be planted? What have been your experiences with these trees growth, roots, watering requirements, leaf drop, etc.? Thanks

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We have one and it is a gorgeous tree. Ours is about 8 years old, about 40 feet high with a spread of twenty feet. It gets wonderful yellow flowers and is semi deciduous. That is the leaves stay there unless there is a frost like last winters. It will need heavier water for the first year or two, then we cut it to two emitters and it is doing fine. The only negative is that new growth grows down, so you have to constantly trim new growth so you can walk under it. Good luck.

Terry in Scottsdale

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Our Tipu has been in the ground going on three years.It was put in as a fifteen gallon with a trunk the thickness of a pencil. The first monsoon snapped it exactly in half.I though it was toast. I left it in the ground because I figured I'd see if it came back in the spring. Despite its rough start, it came back with new branches,has quadrupled in size and proven itself to be a tough, good looking addition to the back yard. In another year or two it's going to be a gorgeous tree. Water Deeply, and the roots will go deep. This should be the rule for all your trees and plants. Frequent watering is necessary to get things established but a regular deep watering schedule should start as soon as possible.

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Thanks to you both for your answers. Advice and information.
jkochan, what size is your tipu tree now that it is 3 years old?

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It's about 8' tall and the canopy is about 6 feet across. It grew to this point from a stick, 4' tall with no branches or leaves in two years

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jkochan, thanks for the response. What area of AZ is your tipu tree growing in? I live in Chandler. Hot, windy, dry, little rain.
Looking at other questions asked on this site, you respond to many questions & your responses are very good. Are you a AZ Master Gardener? You have great solutions and insights. Thanks for your plant advice and insights.

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Naw....that would be heady comapny indeed. I just speak from personal experience and from wisdom gleaned from others, both at this site and another site where I spend most of my time. I am in Chandler also. This site has slowed down some but I and others still pop in to see what is going on, especially in AZ Gardening. There are some very knowledgeable people here. Oops..posted this to the wrong thread.......

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We had to remove Tipu trees from our property. They have very aggressive roots and make a mess! They have thousands of leaves, seed packets, and yellow flowers that shed from January-May every year in the USA.

I just read that they are BANNED in AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, and several cities in the USA because they are considered an invasive weed with very aggressive roots that will lift up concrete sidewalks, concrete patios, and will destroy sewage and grass sprinker pipes.

They are NOT native to the USA- they are from Brazil.


DO NOT PLANT TIPU (Tipuana Tipu).

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Although the Tipuana tipu tree has problems in other parts of the country, in our hot, dry climate of central Arizona it makes a nice shade tree and is not invasive. This tree survives (even flourishes) in parking lot situations, which are the most brutal of locations for trees.

Just follow jochan's advice on watering being sure to move the emitters to the drip line (edge of the canopy) as the tree grows. Deeply but infrequently is the motto of watering trees.

Here's a link to a watering schedule for trees and other plants in the desert regions of central Arizona. Near the bottom of the page is a schedule for newly installed plants.

certified arborist

Here is a link that might be useful: Landscape watering schedule

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I have one of these trees and it has always been one of my favorite trees - at least for the last three years after I first discovered it. It started out with a 1 1/2 inch trunk. it is now about 6 inches wide and last year was georgeous - provided filtered shade to my backyard. It has been rather mess but it has been worth it. My concern is that it is now the end of April and it hasn't leafed out - it is almost bare and I don't see buds yet. I don't know if I have a problem or if I just need to be patient???

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Just removed huge palo verde from front yard.(fairly small yard) Redoing yard with variety of cacti. Thinking about the Tipu. I am concerned it is messy like the palo verde. Was between Tipu and Brazilian Pepper. Thoughts?

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