Too late to plant musa basjoo?

Allen456(8)July 29, 2014

My local nursery had a 50% off sale and I couldn't resist. Is it too late in the summer to put it in the ground? I live in zone 8, so our late summers can be rough. I can prepare the planting hole properly and water as often as needed, but I could also put it in a pot and put it in the ground next spring.


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I would do as you stated, prepare the hole and buy now, water as needed, if the sun gets to hot for it you can always put up some type of sun blocker, since its started to get really hot here in NY my nana grows a new leaf daily, if you can purchase them at 1/2 price buy more than one, keep one in a container.

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Thanks for your reply. Doing just that.

The one is in in the ground, and we're fortunate enough to have run into a string of cool, cloudy, rainy days. Once the heat returns next week, I'll keep my on it and decide if I need to put up a tent to shade it from scorching August sun.

I first considered planting a banana tree over ten years ago, psyched to finally have one in the ground!

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Here it is, in the ground.

Umbrella for scale, I mean shade ;)

The Acer Palmatum in the background is about 10ft away.

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That looks great, I bet next week it doubles in size.

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