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mitsukiwiMay 9, 2014

I am so upset. I have never seen such business practices! Has anyone ordered from Glasshouse Works? I placed an order for a couple of their Hippies last month. After a couple weeks of them not being shipped, I sent an email to cancel my order.

I got a return email saying..... "We have already pulled the plants, big bulbs - we will cancel your order but we will charge $10.00 for the handling process and the fine PayPal will charge us for the refund. Do you still want to cancel Let us know"

I am appalled that someone would charge for cancelling an order. And a "fine" from PayPal? Gimme a break! I have dealt with PayPal pretty much since its inception, both buying and selling. PayPal doesn't charge a "fine" for refunding money!

I ordered some things from Glasshouse Works many, many years ago and the plants were so small and I was so disappointed, I should have known better!

I took the loss rather than deal with them further!

Thanks for letting me vent!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I did a search on this forum for "Glasshouse Works" and all the reviews were favorable. Have you had any resolution with your problem with them? Did you cancel your order just because they hadn't shipped?

I do agree that it's ridiculous to think PayPal will "fine" them. Komoriya refunded shipping costs to nearly every order where more than one bulb was purchased.

I hope that you get resolution. I've never done business with them, but will know to ask questions up front. Many times I call the business to ask questions and either place orders by phone or follow-up the call with an on-line order. I've even been known to ask "How sure of the bulbs' identity are you...and have you had problems with mislabeled bulbs?"

Good luck...know it's very frustrating!

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No, I didn't cancel because they hadn't shipped. I had other issues and heard several times they still send very small plants, etc. for the money they charge. Since they hadn't shipped, I decided to cancel my order.

Just to be sure, I did call PayPal and asked if they had started 'fining' businesses for refunds. The gentleman I spoke to was surprised at the question. He assured me they have never 'fined' or even charged for refunds. Preposterous!

I wrote to Glasshouse Works and told them they had very poor business practices and if they charged me for canceling my order, I would not do business with them again. Apparently, my business is not important to them. They refunded my money...less their charges!

Live and learn!


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Hi Nancy,

If you haven't already tried ordering from Telos Rare Bulbs, give them a try if they have something you like. I've always found them to be very good to deal with and they send healthy stock with roots! On my last order they ran out, or for some reason they didn't have a few bulbs to complete my order, so they sent me a personal check for the difference immediately.


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When you refund in paypal, they do not give the seller all of the fees they charged back.

Of course, that is the problem for sellers and not the buyer.

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I have drooled for years over Telos' catalog, but have never had the extra money to place an order. It's nice to know that when I finally do, I can be assured of excellent service.

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I've ordered from GW and Telos. Both were good by me.

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