Import of Bamboo

pchafe(USDA Z4b/5a Ont)July 23, 2008


I'm looking for information on the import of small sized bamboo into Canada. I know the USA has a lot of restrictions; I'm wondering if it will be as difficult for me to import bamboo? From what I understand I'll need a phyto. certificate and will have to pay for inspection at the border...

I'm interested in getting some of the rare hardy type Phyllostachys that aren't available in Canada (P. kwangsiensis, Li Yu Gan, etc...). Would I be better trying to get them from Europe or the USA?

Thanks for any replies!

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All I can say if I am guessing it is eaisier to imposrt from the U.S. Not sure how.


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Contact Canada's Bamboo World, they should be able to help.

Click Here

Good Luck


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