Growing bamboo in south of Italy

dokkkkJuly 15, 2013

Good morning,

my name is Domenico Caruso, I live in Puglia, south of Italy, and I am interested in bamboo cultivation for commercial purposes.
I have read some basic info on the web but need to know in deep before starting the business.

I am planning to farm for these goals:

- edible bamboo (shoots)
- ornamental bamboo
- biofuel

Now I come to some data: Puglia climate is typically Mediterranean, with short, mild, wet winters (in January temperatures average around 8 degrees C, min temperatures can reach 0 degrees C) and hot dry summers. It receives about 700 mm of rainfall per year, with 63 rainy days clustering mainly during November and March. July and August are the hottest months with temperatures typically rising to around 30ðC, and sometimes reaching 40ðC. Puglia is in hardiness zone 10.

Which species and varieties are suitable for my region (according to my goals)?
Also can you direct me to some books and/or links to study in deep the topic?

Many thanks for your time,
Domenico Caruso

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The Americam Bamboo Society has some very useful information on it. You can search info on growing bamboo, edible bamboos, and types of bamboo with zone hardiness temperatures. This will get you started. Click Below.

Good Luck


Here is a link that might be useful: Click Here.

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