parthans red banana

poiuy704(8 B.C. Can)July 24, 2008

has anyone heard of or grown this variety, our local garden center has them on 3/$10.00 but no one there could give me any info on its growing habits, hardiness, etc.

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Never heard of it.

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Just got 3 myself. Lady at the store said it will go about 15ft and similar to basjoo. I like the red so I dont mind how tall they go. Just going to put them in today and hope they overwinter. Im sure they will turn out just beautiful

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steve_nc_7b(7b NC)

Any one have a picture of one? I searched the web, and found no info on it at. What does it look like?

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It was sold in the UK as Red Musa basjoo. It proved to just be a red stemmed banana, with no cold hardiness.

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poiuy704(8 B.C. Can)

tropicallvr are you saying that it is a tropical variety that won't take a frost? If so I guess I'll be packing them away with the others. I'll leave one in the ground to see what happens over winter, at $3.33 each I don't mind experimenting.
Glenik are you in the Chilliwack area? I'd be interested to know if yours make it through the upcoming winter and what you do for winter protection.

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Yeah, they seem to be a tropical type from what others have found out by testing it, but like you said at that price it's a great deal for any banana.

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