Question about growing banana trees from seeds?

monashguyJuly 6, 2014

I am not sure where banana seeds comes from, I live in a tropical country Malaysia and banana trees is everywhere, but I do not know where to find banana farms to find a cutting to grow since I live in the city, I live in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Anyway, I saw some banana breeds that is sold on ebay and you can plant it with seed, but the same breed sold on supermarket is seedless or to be more exact very tiny seeds. So if I buy the seeds on ebay and grow it, will the banana have seeds inside them as in big seeds, bigger than the ones in supermarket. Much bigger infact. Secondly, since the supermarket ones, the seeds are so small that you can nearly call it seedless, where do the seeds of the banana that you can buy on ebay comes from? The banana fruit itself? I am very confused on this and need some people with some experience on banana plants.

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Surprised no one has responded to your question, but I guess it's nearly August and many people are on vacation. Anyway, yes, the banana seeds you will get will receiving will be much bigger than the seedless/sterile ones you get in the fruit market. In the wild, bananas are still seeded, but the ones people eat have been cultivated from seedless clones. Every once in while a problem arises from this reliance on identical clones (disease, etc., so the industry has to change the cultivar used in the marketplace). I have only grown Ensete (Abyssinian) bananas from seed, and they were real EASY even outside the tropics!

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

Many ornamental Bananas are grown from seeds. Their fruit will have seeds and may or may not be edible. If you want edible get a pup of a variety you like .

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